DIY Snazzy Little High Chair

I feel like I spend weeks and weeks on Pinterest collecting ideas and then for one random week I go crazy copying ideas. I KNOW! It is so so so cool, unique, and fun! So look what I did with that inspiration.
I apologize for less than stellar photos. I completed this one during my maniacal race to get a truckload full of “stuff” to take up to Trina Rose Boutique before their store opening. And it had just snowed… obviously.

DIY Snazzy Little High ChairThis is what I started with.
DIY Snazzy Little High ChairIt was a bit rickety so I tightened it all up and used some wood glue to secure all the joints. Then I busted out some of my scrap booking stickers (which I know I will never use) and stuck them on the untouched wood in a fun pattern.
DIY Snazzy Little High ChairNext, I used my homemade white chalk paint to paint the whole chair with 2 coats.
DIY Snazzy Little High ChairI was super worried when I saw the stickers lifting and puckering, but was in it this far so just went along for the ride.

The stickers were soaked through and really a pain to peel off.(I should have waited to peel them off till after I painted the gray stripes-but apparently I enjoy making more work for myself)
DIY Snazzy Little High ChairCheck out this mess of leaked paint blobs… super…more work again.
DIY Snazzy Little High ChairThe paring knife worked the best for me when I was scraping little tiny bits of sticker and paint from the inside edges of the flowers. The scraping went better than I thought it would and didn’t take too long.
DIY Snazzy Little High ChairMuch better! Since I knew I would be distressing the whole chair I wasn’t super picky about perfectly clean edges. I taped off my stripes next.
DIY Snazzy Little High ChairI used Americana craft paint for the stripes because it was what was right next to me while I was working.
DIY Snazzy Little High ChairAfter it dried, I distressed and sanded the whole chair. I got most of the gray paint off of my designs, but left just a bit behind.
DIY Snazzy Little High ChairThen I used Annie Sloan clear and dark wax to finish ‘er up.
DIY Snazzy Little High ChairI am pretty happy with how it turned out!
DIY Snazzy Little High ChairIt took a long time though.
DIY Snazzy Little High ChairI think it would look cute as a “table” in the bathroom too.

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DIY Snazzy Little High Chair