DIY: Moroccan Candle Holders


I think candles are one of the most beautiful things we have created. They look more appealing when placed inside a decorative candle holder. Whether you want to light up your room or offer it a more aesthetic appeal, decorative candle holders work the best. In order to craft a beautiful DIY candle holder, you just need to some paint and a glass jar or bottle. You can easily turn it into an eye-catching Moroccan Lantern. These DIY Moroccan candle holders can also be housewarming gifts or you can use them while camping with your friends.

I have received a great response from the readers for my other DIY projects. I hope you will like this one too. These candle holders are pretty easy to make and they look very impressive when crafted perfectly. So, get some glass jars and use different colors to paint those jars in different patterns. You will have some great fun and you will love to turn a simple glass jar into an appealing candle holder. So, let’s get started.

Materials you need for this DIY crafts project:

  • A Glass jar or a bottle
  • Transparent glass paint (pick two different colors)
  • Puffy paint/dimensional paint
  • Paper plate
  • Oven

DIY: Moroccan Candle HoldersSteps to follow:

Follow every step carefully so that you can prepare an impressive candle holder just like I did. So, let’s start now:

  • First, take a jar and then pour glass paint into that jar. The bottom of the jar will get completely covered.
  • Now pick the jar and turn it slowly on its side. Now you can see the paint has started to spread across the walls of the jar. You should pour more paint if the available paint is not enough to swirl around.
  • Do not put the jar down because now is the time to pour the second color paint you have picked. Start pouring paint from the walls and keep turning the jar. Thus, there will be enough paint on the walls to swirl smoothly across the jar.
  • Keep swirling for a few seconds and after that turn the paint containing jar upside down on a paper. Now you can see the paint has started pouring down from the edges of the jar. If still jar’s walls are not perfectly covered in that paint, you should pour some more paint and repeat the same process.
  • If the walls are completely covered and there is still some paint left in the jar, hold it upside down and let the excess paint pour out of the jar.
  • Now leave the jar as it is for the next 48 hours and then bake it for 30 minutes in an oven. Let it cool now.
  • Now apply an applicator tip on the paint bottle and use it to draw some attractive patterns on the walls of the jar. Let the paint dry and then you will get a perfectly personalized candle holder.

DIY: Moroccan Candle HoldersIt is a fairly simple DIY project which anyone can try. So, go for it and share your experience with me.

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DIY: Moroccan Candle Holders