DIY Mercury Glassed Mason Jars


I am so excited about this project! I’ve been looking for a way to display some silk flowers (since I cannot afford to buy fresh ones all the time and have no garden to speak of) and this challenge was just what I needed! I had seen a tutorial a long time ago about how to ‘mercurize’ glass and wrote it down. Thank god I kept that notebook! Here’s how I did it:

Materials –

  • Mmason jars (any size, smooth or not, really doesn’t even need to be mason jars – just any glass thing)
  • Silver spray paint
  • Krylon “Looking Glass” spray
  • Spray bottle full of 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water
  • Paper towel
  • Flowers (silk or real)


First and foremost (1) make sure your glass is clean. I thrifted mine so they took a pretty rough cleaning to make them spotless.DIY Mercury Glassed Mason Jars
Next (2), you’ll want to evenly spray the glass with the Looking glass spray. I chose to just spray the outside since I wasn’t sure how to spray the inside – but it’s totally up to you if you spray outside, inside, or both. I’ve heard they all get the same effect. After the Looking Glass spray sets a while, (3) spritz the glass with your vinegar dilution.DIY Mercury Glassed Mason Jars

After the vinegar mixture has set a few minutes, dab away the droplets with a paper towel. Repeat steps 2-3 as desired. I used two coats of Looking Glass and two coats of vinegar mixture to get the effect I wanted.

After the second coat:DIY Mercury Glassed Mason Jars

All three jars completed:DIY Mercury Glassed Mason Jars
This next bit is entirely optional. I chose to save the rings around the rim of the mason jars. But they were brass and I was looking for a uniform color distribution. So here’s the ring before:DIY Mercury Glassed Mason Jars

And after:DIY Mercury Glassed Mason Jars

And that’s it! See how easy?! This really only took about 30 mins including wait time between coats and dry time for the lid rings. Here’s the final product:

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DIY Mercury Glassed Mason Jars