DIY Luxury Animal Keychains


I loved the animal keychains I have found on Pinterest some time ago and had to make some of my own! It felt like I searched everywhere for small animals to use for this project and I couldn’t find them anywhere. When I did find them, they averaged around $3-$5 a piece. No thanks. I bought these animals for $8 on eBay. Eight animals for $8, yes please!

DIY Luxury Animal KeychainsThese little guys were the perfect keychain size! They were definitely meant for this project.

DIY Luxury Animal KeychainsI simply spray painted the color I wanted, which of course was gold, silver, white & some polka dots added. I love the look of the pastel colored ones but didn’t want to buy 4 different colors of spray paint. I’m more of a neutral spray paint kind of girl. After they were all spray painted, I screwed in the eye hook & then added the key ring. The eye hooks I used were bigger than what I wanted but just like the animals, I couldn’t find small ones & didn’t want to drive around everywhere to get them.

What do you think of the animal keychains? Have you made any before? As always, thanks for stopping by!

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DIY Luxury Animal Keychains