DIY Foam Fortune Cookies


Hi everyone! Don’t you just love fortune cookies? I’m not a huge Chinese food fan but when I do go, my favorite part is getting the fortune cookies when I’m done eating. I love seeing what my “fortune” is. I decided that I wanted to have fortune cookies at our house, so whenever someone comes over they can grab one. I wanted to make them inspiring in case they’re having a bad day or just need a little inspiration.

DIY Foam Fortune CookiesI bought a package of eight glitter foam sheets at the Dollar Tree. I loved how sparkly they were. I used a glass jar and drew a circle around the base so it was a perfect circle, then I cut out the circles.

DIY Foam Fortune Cookies1. Fold the circle in half and glue down where the two sides come together.
2. Push in to make the folding easier.
3. Fold the two sides to where they come together.
4. Instant fortune cookie! Glue the middle together.

DIY Foam Fortune CookiesI wrote down inspiring quotes I found online and then folded them in half and stuck them in the foam fortune cookies.

I’m so excited about these, I can’t wait for people to come over and grab some inspiring fortune cookies!

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DIY Foam Fortune Cookies