DIY Face Mask to Remove Blackheads

Egg whites do wonders even with the most stubborn blackheads! Egg white proteins absorb the excess of sebum from the skin and constricted, reducing large pores in which blackheads are formed. Take this mask every night for a week to see results and remove blackheads.

Beat 2 egg whites using a whisk or electric mixer until they become fluffy. To apply this mask with egg white, you have two choices:
Option 1: Spread egg white on areas where you have blackheads: nose, cheekbones, chin. Put a paper towel on top, pressing lightly to stick. Wait a few minutes until the egg white dry, then apply another layer on the napkin. Let it dry and you feel like the face begin to “gather” gently removed the tissue and wash yourself with warm water.
Napkin is used as a patch, egg whites help to better take on the skin surface and pull the blackheads.

Option 2: Give up the napkin and apply egg white on the face, in 3-4 layers. Wait for first coat to dry and then continue with the next. It is important to leave the egg white to dry thoroughly before you wash it to make sure she gets in the shrine pores and expel them!
You can apply all over the face mask, but make sure you avoid the delicate eye and mouth because the egg dries the skin hard enough.

If you have oily skin, acne tendency, combine egg whites with lemon juice and honey. Lemon is astringent and kills the bacteria that causes pimples and blackheads, and honey has antibacterial and antiseptic properties.
The mask is made beating one egg white with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice until will get’s fluffy. Finally incorporates ½ teaspoon of honey.
If you have dry skin, combine egg whites with a moisturizing ingredient such as yogurt. Kills bacteria that cause blackheads and nourishes dry skin.
The mask is made from an egg white and 1 teaspoon of yogurt; add yogurt after you beat the egg white.
Tips: When you use a mask with egg white, regardless of the combination, it is good to apply it to the skin after you’ve made shower. In this way, the pores open and efficiently treatment works.

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DIY Face Mask to Remove Blackheads egg