DIY Distressed Jeans

If you have a pair of old jeans and you don’t want to throw them away,  you can restyle them. By restyling I mean distressed them 😀
Simple techniques will give to your jeans a tattered look in a fraction of the time.
Like I did! You can use different tools like:

-a foot file ( made with genuine diamond buffing surfaces )
-or knife
I’ve used a foot file,like you can see in the pictures and a grater.
I choose the spots where I wanted to distress the jeans,I’ve used the foot file and then, o accentuate the damage on the jeans,I used the grater. With the grater you can make more easily the gaps in the fabric.
I wear the jeans,but it’s more ok if you don’t,better put your arm inside,while you’re distressing them with sharp objects that might cut through the fabric,because you can harm yourself if you are not careful.If you want an object inside the jeans to create dimension as you work,use a rolled towel.
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DIY Distressed Jeans