DIY Chalkboard Flower Pots


Hello friends and Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a fantastic and beautiful day with your familly and loved ones. I did this project some weeks ago, but I was in the fever of sharing Christmas decorantions for you, that I totally forgot of this one. I love plants & flower pots and I especially love seeing them in different rooms of our house.

We didn’t have any and it was definitely time to change that. I’m not a big fan of the color that flower pots come in and I just so happened to have chalkboard spray paint on hand, chalkboard flower pots were meant to happen!
DIY Chalkboard Flower PotsThe white flower pot almost had a chance at staying the color it was, but the spray painting process got a little out of hand and I couldn’t really contain myself any longer, bye-bye white, hello chalkboard! I placed the pots upside down and used two coats of chalkboard spray paint to fully cover them. I then placed them upright and placed a plastic bag in each one, that way when I sprayed them, it didn’t get fully inside of the pots. After that I planted the aloe plant and cactus and added a message to each pot. Simple as that!
DIY Chalkboard Flower PotsThese were super easy to make & who doesn’t like super easy?! I just love the way they turned out and love the fact that I can change the message anytime I want! I love having plants inside our home during winter.
I can’t wait to watch our aloe plant & cactus grow in these fun pots! What are your favorite plants? Do you have plants sitting around your house? As always, thanks for stopping by! 
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DIY Chalkboard Flower Pots