DIY Bird Nest Necklaces


With how busy the girls birthday party kept me I almost forgot that Mother’s Day is quickly approaching – in fact it’s this coming Sunday May 13th. And so I realized I needed to come up with something and come up with it rather quickly! Bird nest necklaces have definitely been trending in the jewelry department and their just so stinkin cute that I thought they would make the perfect gift. Plus the beads allow you to personalize the necklace to the number of children/grandchildren, birth months, and more.

– Jewelry Wire (24 or 20 gage works best)
– beads, any type will work… glass, wood, pearl
– necklace chain
– jump ring

DIY Bird Nest Necklaces

1.) Choose the beads you want to use and string them onto the jewelry wire arranging them in a circle.DIY Bird Nest NecklacesDIY Bird Nest Necklaces

2.) Arrange the beads and wrap wire around them until the bird nest is as full as you would like it to be.
3.) Wrap the wire around the nest between each bead. You can experiment with one, two or three loops. They can be straight across the nest or at more of an angle. Tuck remaining wire under loops underneath the nest.DIY Bird Nest Necklaces

4.) You can attach a jump ring or simply use the wire to make a loop to hold the bird nest onto the necklace. Then place the bird nest charm onto the necklace chain. And ta-da you are done!
DIY Bird Nest NecklacesThis project is super simple and makes a gorgeous personalized Mother’s Day present. In fact I was wearing mine yesterday and my mother-in-law asked where I got it. When I told her I made it she was shocked! And so I asked her if she liked it and when she replied with an enthusiastic yes I told her “Well that’s good because I made one for you for Mother’s Day!” Hehe.

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DIY Bird Nest Necklaces