Diet Mistakes: Reasons for not losing weight

Although you followed the diet “by the book”, the results do not appear. Weight loss diets failure is often the effect of bad eating habits. For this reason, it is recommended that before starting a diet to ask for expert advice.
Specialists from WebMD list some habits that you have to give up to maintain health and silhouette.

You frequently appeal to drastic diets
Although you have not gained weight in a month – two, you want to get rid of them fast, even in a week. And to get to the “ideal” weight you adopt drastic measures: eat only grapefruit or cabbage soup, reduce daily calories below 1,000. The result?

Weight lose , but your body consumes a very low numbers of calories, the metabolism will get used to work slower. So once you have finished the diet, the body will burn calories more slowly and you will gain weight faster.

Skiping breakfast
Although it may seem a good way to cut calories, the lack of morning meal may result in an increase in hunger during the whole day. So you eat more at lunch or you’ll get more snacks. A breakfast rich in protein and fiber will help to reduce hunger during the day. Studies by specialists show that people who eat breakfast every morning are able to maintain a healthy weight.

Too many snacks
Although you count each meals calories, you do not give too much importance snacks,you surrender to small sweet temptations. All these “glitches” can sabotage your diet. A notebook can be useful if you want to know the exact number of calories consumed.

You quit snacks
Choosing the right snacks can be an important in maintaining silhouette. Studies show that people who take more meals and snacks per day, but in small amounts, can control hunger and keep their weight under control.
Opt for nuts and foods rich in protein to keep your metabolism in shape.

Excess of degreased products
Although fat foods in the diet plays an important role, you must not forget that skimmed does not mean calorie-free. The best way to control calorie consumption is to read labels.

High calories beverages
When it comes to diet, we tend to forget the calories from beverages. It is a serious mistake, given that certain beverages, such as alcoholic ones, may contain over 500 calories. Besides bringing extra kilos, calories from beverages not reduce hunger.

Consuming small amounts of water
Water is important in the process of burning calories, dehydration slows the metabolism. Studies show that adults who drink eight or more glasses of water a day are able to burn more calories.

You quit dairy products
Although they are considered “forbidden” by people on diet, research findings suggest that dairy products from the diet should not miss. Studies show that the body burns fat more easily if it gets enough calcium and produces more fat in his absence. Calcium supplements not seem to get the same benefits, according to studies. You can opt for low fat dairy products.

You don’t make exercises
If you do not follow an exercise program, maintaining the figure depends only on diet. If you become more active, you can afford to eat more without gaining weight. All you have to do is to find an activity that makes your pleasure. If your gym machines is boring, try other activities such as swimming.

Eating healthy and avoid sedentary lifestyle are important factors in preventing any disease. According to the WHO about 70% of doctor visits are caused by poor nutrition.

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Diet Mistakes Reasons for not losing weight