Diet ideas to lose weight

Below mentioned are a few diet plan and ideas to what have in breakfast, lunch and dinner to lose weight within one month.

The Breakfast ideas

In breakfast, one should have a meal which should be low in calories, improves the digestion and also makes one active. Porridge is the best breakfast and in order to make it one has to mix 70ml of soya milk with 50g of oats and one teaspoon of honey just for taste. The oats are known for cutting down cholesterol level and also fat, it is best for heart patients and also normal people and is very effective for losing weight.

One can have three oat cakes with a sliced avocado. Omelet can also be a healthy breakfast, to make this take two organic add beaten with two Portobello mushrooms sliced and then fried in a non stick pan or with sprayed olive oil on the pan. Take two poached eggs and 25g emmental cheese and a handful of spinach, this is egg Florentine and is very healthy and has low calories. One can make porridge with spelt flakes or 50g of granola mixed with one teaspoon of honey and 70ml oat milk.

Other breakfast ideas are two scrambled eggs with three baked tomatoes, an egg frittata made with two organic eggs, a handful of mint and 25g of feta cheese. One can also toast two slices of rye with 10 wine tomatoes which should be grilled. If one wants the quickest breakfast then Weetabix is a great choice. Add two Weetabix with two tablespoon of fat free yogurt and enjoy the goodness with one teaspoon of honey.

The Lunch ideas

For the lunch, salads are the best suggestions along with a little protein in the diet. One can make Tuna salad which includes one boiled egg, one can of tuna, half sliced onion, a handful of chopped salad leaves, four black olives and drizzled with any vinaigrette. The chicken fajita can be a yummy lunch, make it with one breast piece which should be grilled and slices with half red pepper sliced, half avocado sliced and mixed together. Wrap it in the romaine lettuce and enjoy the healthy fajita wrap. One can also make a sandwich using bran bread filled with shredded lettuce, carrot and using low fat humus as a spread. One can also bake cod with lemon, parsley and garlic and additionally can also add steamed broccoli to it, don’t use oil in this. There are some soups which can also be used in the lunch.

The dinner ideas

One can have dinner with low carbohydrates and fats; have salad first and then have your breakfast, consume a lot of raw vegetables in the salad. A good dinner can be a steak grilled and served with salad leaves and vinaigrette dressing. Make a vegetable curry with one carrot, half aborigine, one leek, spicy tomato sauce and half courgette which should be served with boiled brown rice.