Detox your body through your feet. Here’s the solution!

The accumulation of toxins can seriously affect internal organs. Body detoxification through the feet can ensure a simple and efficient way to remove these dangerous toxins  from your body without radically changing your diet.

And the biggest advantage is that these treatments are perfectly safe for healthy body.
The instrumentation required for body detoxification usually includes patches (pads) and detox spa devices. You can opt for either of these two methods for natural detoxification, and, in time, regular treatments will significantly improve the health of your body.

Detoxifying foot patches
Usually, the active substances used in patches come from plant extracts and bamboo, and patches can be purchased from pharmacies and health stores. Patches and detoxifying foot pads are very easy to use. Simply apply them on the skin before bed and remove them the next morning.

It is likely that worn patches to get darken until the next day, which is perfectly normal. Their blackening means that they absorbed toxins from the body during sleep. Most of those who use such patches say they feel less tired, and that method relieves migraines and joint pain. This method of detoxification comes from Japan, the Japanese having an old tradition built on this practice of detoxification through feet.

Ionic baths for detoxification through the feet
Baths are also designed to remove toxins from the body through the feet. Typically, the devices on the market are powered by electricity, which converts into positive and negative ions, which are then emanated in warm salty water. Ionic baths ions the salty water with alternating polarities. The baths are very relaxing and efficiently remove accumulated toxins in the body.

Toxins enter the body in several ways: through food, air and also through the body products we use. Today we are practically assaulted by toxins and detoxifying treatments become so essential for our body health.

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Detox your body through your feet