Custom Stockings on a Budget

For the last several years I’ve suffered through a hodge-podge of stockings that match only in the sense that they are Christmas Stockings.  This year I had enough and did something about it.  Custom Stockings on a Budget.  Ho Ho Ho!
Having 9 stockings to hang with care isn’t as easy as it sounds. Having 9 different stockings looks like a drunk Elf threw-up Christmas Cheer all over my mantle. It’s not pretty. Having 9 stockings to stuff also means I’m on a budget. Purchasing even a ‘cheap’ stocking at $10 x 9 = money I don’t want to waste on an over sized sock no matter how pretty it is.

So what’s a SuperMom on a budget who wants 9 stockings all hung in a row to match and look pretty to do?  Well…I’m not really sure but this is what I did!
Custom Stockings on a Budget

  1. Loop two silver bells onto an icicle ornament
  2. Twist ornament onto sparkly silver bow
  3. Fold top of ribbon down & cut small slit at the top
  4. Feed bow through ribbon
  5. Twist bow around hanging loop of stocking
  6. Hot glue number to bottom of ribbon

To individualize the stockings I painted wooden numbers chalk-paint black. Initials would be way cute but I liked the whimsy of the numbers. I also took a pack of cheap-o plastic icicle ornaments.
Custom Stockings on a BudgetCustom Stockings on a BudgetI liked how they tied in with my Mercury Mason Jar Lanterns and carried out the silver in my color scheme.
Custom Stockings on a BudgetStockings:  $1.98 each
Icicle Ornaments:  8 for $1
Bells:  Free from Stanley our Elf
Sparkly Bows:  10 for $2.98
Red Ribbon:  23 yards for $2.97
Wooden Numbers:  .69 cents each
A Happy SuperMom:  Priceless

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Custom Stockings on a Budget