How to cure ear infections in 1 day

Ear infections are more common in children. Adults are also affected, but three-quarters of all cases occur in children under the age of 10 years. The medical term for a middle ear infection is otitis. Symptoms of ear infection Otitis media occurs a few days after a respiratory cold or infection.

Symptoms appear quickly and include:

– Earache; It can be mild or severe
– fever
– Malaise, nausea and loss of appetite
– Blood and pus coming out of the ear
– Loss of balance
– Hearing Loss

The good news is that there are natural remedies for pain relief. Ear pain is often cured by a combination of heat, warm oil poured into the ear and gargle. The hot liquid helps the blood move in the area. Alternating hot and cold temperatures speeds up blood circulation. Ear hot oil (coconut oil or olive oil) melts the wax from the ear. (You must be careful that the oil is not too hot. Put a few drops of oil on the wrist to test it). Gargle with apple cider vinegar to help open the Eustachian tube and clean it.

Inner ear infections heal very well after gargle with apple cider vinegar. If is discovered early enough, there is no need for another treatment. If symptoms do not disappear, it needs a systemic approach.
– Oregano oil- antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal – and not kill the good bacteria in the intestines.
– Echinacea – immune system
– Completely tonic (see recipe below)

At the first signs of infection of the outer ear use ear drops. Doc’s Shillington prescription for Tonic Total:
– 1 handful of garlic
– 1 handful chopped onion
– 1 handful of cut ginger
– One hand of cut horseradish
– 1/2 hand of cut habanero pepper
– Raw apple cider vinegar

Mix everything in a blender and cover about 2.5 or 5 cm with raw apple cider vinegar. All ingredients must be organic, but do not let this obstacle intimidated you to try the recipe (just do not use garlic from China). The mixture can be used immediately or you can leave it two weeks to become a tincture.
If you have frequent ear infections, you need to reassess your diet. Eliminate dairy from the diet because it often decreases the frequency of ear infections, sinus or respiratory infections. If you suspect other allergens, remember that swelling and inflammation in response to an allergen, a signal that precedes an infection, not a symptom thereof. And avoid sugar. Sugar weakens the immune system.

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How to cure ear infections in 1 day