Crystal Body Deodorant Stick – The Best Remedy against SWEATING

A month ago I was in Spain in vacation. One night, when I was out with some friends I’ve heard them talking about this natural deodorant stick. Two of my friends were talking how they were so pleased about it. First I didn’t get it, I didn’t understood about what were they talking ” a rock that they were using stopped miraculous their sweating in a short time “.

I’ve let them talk and when they stop, I asked them ” What’s that rock? Why are you talking about a rock that can stop your sweating?? ” … they laughed ” You’ve never heard about this??? It’s a natural crystal extracted from Asian mines … they called it Natural Alum Crystal “. I was truly amazed  !

This morning I remember it. Since that day, obviously I’ve bought one crystal deodorant stick for myself, I’ve used it … and I can truly said that is a miraculous deodorant stick. I’m so pleased with it that now I don’t know what I’ll do without it. How now it’s summer here in my country with +35 C each day this deodorant is a blessing thing :D.

So now I will tell you some benefits of this Crystal Body Deodorant Stick:

  • Is very economical (the service life of about 12 months)
  • Has no odor
  • Doesn’t leave traces on clothes
  • It is hypoallergenic and can be used by people with increased sensitivity or allergies
  • It has astringent and antiseptic properties
  • Is slightly alkaline , therefore it’s creating an environment where bacteria can not multiply
  • Quickly soothes stings and insect bites, reducing redness, itching and swelling
  • It doesn’t block pores , so the skin can breathe
  • It is made from natural minerals
  • It can be also used on the feet to remove odors
  • Can be used as aftershave – has astringent and hemostatic properties to help reduce bleeding in minor cuts and scrapes

How do you use it ??? 

Wet the stone and apply on underarms. It leaves on the skin a thin layer of salt, particularly effective against bacteria responsible for unpleasant smells. It doesn’t prevent in any way the sweat and doesn’t leave traces on clothes.

Crystal Body Deodorant Stick- It is an alternative non-toxic, hypoallergenic, safe for humans and the environment, can be safely applied anywhere on the body, even by people with sensitive skin and allergies .

How about, you give up your fragrant antiperspirant for the alum rock test? I did it and I can say I have no trace of regret. The results are excellent and relieved my pocket!

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