Creating a marvelous baby gift – the baby basket

Baby gifts are a fantastic way to treat the newborn children. Gifting them in a wonderful basket will leave a lasting impression. It will be a great idea to gift a baby basket to a new mother and the child.


Before starting, getting a rough picture of theme and color scheme is needed. This varies according to the gender of the baby. Pink is the favorite color for girls along with a few light shade colors. Red, blue and other dark colors are for boys. Neutral colors suit well for both genders. The next step involves deciding on a theme. There are various themes such as animals, polka dots, butterflies, circus, flowers and stripes. A smooth basket will have an effective appeal. There are many models in the market. Browsing the internet will give an idea about the basket, its shape and size. Most baby stores have plush and fabric baskets. However, traditional woven baskets long last and have a good impact on the receiver.


Gathering essential supplies such as ribbons, wood letters, bows, tags, plastic wrap and foam are needed. It is crucial to ensure that every product is safe for the baby. None of the product should have chemicals. Small decorative pieces are strictly avoidable, as they can pose a grave threat to the infant.


The first step in decorating involves creating a soft lining to the base of the basket. Use of foam or an old blanket is an excellent method. Babies love the softness of the blanket and they make a wonderful gift. By using the blanket as the filling material, avoiding plastic is possible. The holder of the basket offers a distinct element bringing out an appealing appearance. Wrap the holder of the basket with ribbon. Use the thick ribbon and start revolving around the handle from one end of the corner. Make sure to maintain equal distances in each turn. This will deliver an even appearance. Make a bowsprit with the remaining ribbon. Use different colors that suit the gender of the baby. If there is no information about the gender, use of neutral colors is preferable. Add the bow at the center of the handle to the existing ribbon. Use super glue to attach the bow and the ribbon to the handle. Now add the gifts, cards, and other accessories in the basket according to their sizes and shapes. Make sure to arrange them in an efficient manner. Use colorful plastic wrap to cover the basket after completion. Use the fabric to bind the plastic wrap to the handle. The basket is ready and makes a unique gift for a newborn.

Creating a baby basket is no longer a tedious process. It requires time and the passion to create a marvelous artifact. People have to be clear about the color and theme to buy appropriate items from the market. Searching over the internet is a good activity to seek information related to colors and useful accessories as gifts for the newborn.