Contouring and Highlighting by Face Shape

This guide it’s really useful for us girls. It really makes a difference ! Contouring and Highlighting by face shape here you go:

OVAL – Charlize Theron 
The main thing here is just defining all of the natural shape and bone structure and not over doing it.
PEAR – Kelly Osbourne
Here we are just focusing the majority of the contour on the sides of the face from about the ears down and sticking to highlight everywhere else!

ROUND – Kirsten Dunst 
Let’s start by identifying round faces:
If the length of your cheekbones at their widest are similar to the length of your face and you have a rounded jawline/chin this post is for you, and your beautiful round face!
What’s great about having a round face?
Full cheeks are gorgeous and very youthful, so you can plan on aging gracefully.
A soft rounded jawline is sweet and feminine.
HEART – Selena Gomez
The way I see it, heart shaped faces are similar to round faces (the length of your cheekbones at their widest are similar to the length of your face) and your features are rounded but the main difference is that your chin is comparatively narrow to the rest of the face.
What’s great about having a heart shaped face?
Well, besides the obvious reason that hearts are awesome, your narrow chin frames your mouth beautifully. Also, you’re in great company: Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, and Scarlett Johansson.
Main difference for your shape: I focused the majority of the contouring foundation on the widest part of the face but kept it out of the chin area, and highlight foundation there instead.
DIAMOND – Anna Kendrick
Today is the day for diamond faces.
This one is beautiful and pretty rare, like diamonds are.
If your face is widest at the cheekbones with a narrow chin and hairline, you can name yourself among these rare gems.
Also you share your shape with the likes of Ashley Greene & Anna Kendrick.
The main difference here is using mostly highlight on the forehead and chin and focusing the contour at the cheekbones.
OBLONG – Gisele Bündchen
Big difference to notice here is you want to be very careful not to contour the sides of your face and instead to shade right beneath your cheekbones and beneath the apples of your cheeks. Another tip is to be careful with blush choices, use something vibrant or light in color as apposed to something dark so that it doesn’t sink in your gorgeous cheeks!
The main point of reference here is that by adding some curves under the cheeks and around the jaw you are adding in some softness and balance.
So, what’s your face shape? Share your impressions in the comments of this article!
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Contouring and Highlighting by face shape