Clever Way to Give Cash Gifts


Do you ever give cash gifts to kids? I know that my kids love getting gift cards or cash. For some reason, I always feel like I’m cheating if I don’t think of the perfect thing for somebody, but when it comes down to it, if I don’t have a great idea I would always prefer that the kids get what they want instead of something I bought just for the sake of checking them off my list.

For some cash gifts that we gave at Christmas, this is how I presented the cash.

I used pickle jars and etched them with etching cream. I used electrical tape and an Exacto knife to cut out the mustache shape for the jar that says Owen’s Stache and also for the dollar sign on Quinn’s cash. Clever Way to Give Cash Gifts

I left the etching cream on for about 30 minutes for these jars. Clever Way to Give Cash Gifts

Once they were done, I added the cash to the jars and tied ribbons around them. I forgot to photograph them at this point. It was Christmas and I had a mailing deadline, you know.

Tip: if you are giving to younger kids, give the money in all one dollar bills. It’s apparently great fun to count all the ones and it makes the jars look more full when you give them.

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Clever Way to Give Cash Gifts