Cleaning Tips from Hotel Maids

The maids are the most indicated people to offer you cleaning advice.  They move quickly and efficiently and behind them remain an exemplary cleaning. As a result, I have compiled a list of the most interesting and practical tricks disclosed by maids who clean the most luxurious hotels in the world. Here they are:

Create an attack plan for every room!

On a sheet of paper draw a cleaning plan for each room. Set the order of things you’ll clean up. For example, in the living room, you can start by cleaning the windows, you can continue with furniture dust, the carpets, then you can mop the floors and finally, with then vacuum the carpet. Keep this list with you and consult it after each stage is completed.

Do not forget about upholstered furniture!

Often, we focus on flooring, windows and wood furniture and forget about upholstered furniture. So do not miss sofas and chairs from which you can remove dust easily using the vacuum cleaner.

Remove dust from lighting objects!

Do not forget to pass on the list that you have to clean the lighting objects! If you have a table lamp with shade, it takes two to three weeks to wash it, especially if it is light colored. Then continue with dusting off lamps and chandeliers. Obviously, the lights must be extinguished and cold.

Take care of electrical appliances!

Although cleanliness is a priority, you must not forget about the tools that help you in this activity. Vacuum cleaner, for example, should be checked about once a month to make sure it is not clogged, also to clean brushes and obviously, you need to change the trash bag. The same attention should receive the iron. The water in it must be emptied after each use, because it leads to rust. Rust, obviously, will remain on the clothes.

Open the windows!

Besides the fact that natural light is generally welcomed, opening windows offers very good ventilation. This step is a must if you use cleaning products that contain a lot of chemicals.

Mattress covers and pillows!

In order not to accumulate dust when you vacuum, so as not to stain when you use cleaning products, but also to prolong the life of the mattress and pillows, they should be covered when you clean. For this purpose, you can use nylon protection.

Allocate yourself a few minutes for daily cleaning!

There are a lot of little things you can do daily to make it easy on general cleanliness. For example, one day you throw your old magazines. Do not take more than 10-15 minutes. The next day you can clean the fridge, checking the expiry date of food and throwing those with exceeded term. Similarly, this operation will take about 10 minutes.

Allocate 15-20 minutes a day for other inventory receipts, invoices and other documents unimportant and throw the old things.  Sort your clothes, keeping handy those you frequently dress. Collect in bags those that you no longer wear and give to someone who need or you can store them in closets or under beds and sofas spaces.

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Cleaning Tips from Hotel Maids