Cleaning tips for the holidays

Did you forget what color had your carpet? You house is so messy that you can’t even find the cat? Then it’s necessary to start take some measures and start to clean – especially as the holidays come!

You are messy person if you:
– Every morning you have to look all over the house for your car keys.
– All drawers are crammed, so you are afraid of a possible avalanche, in case you want to open one.
– Every night before going to bed, you need to arrange the bedding.
– Every time you can’t find an object, you buy another one instead.
– You can’t properly close your closet doors, no matter how much you try.

Let’s get to work!
Before starting the cleaning, get in every room and estimate the “situation” on the spot. That will give you an idea of what to do and about how long it will take – everything becomes bearable when you have a battle plan.
First order the large surfaces, where the results of your efforts are seen quickly – is a kind of incentive to continue the job.
Before you start sorting objects, prepare four large cardboard boxes and write on each “Store”, “Drop”, “To give”, “do not know”; doing so, it will be easier to understand what to do with so many objects. Put the box “do not know” in the closet and reopen it after about 30 days; if still you have no idea what to do with it you can dispense its contents.
Too many clothes? Solving Simple: put all your summer clothes under your bed. If your bed is not equipped with such a drawer underneath put them in a resistant plastic bags; store it in a closet.
If your closet can’t no longer handle the volume of clothes, buy special hangers (metal) that can hung several smaller (are on sale in supermarkets). That may be the saving solution for fashion lovers that don’t know where to put so many outfits…
In any home – there is a limited space that gathers many papers…

Among these, of course, receipts and invoices of all kinds. Until you have time to sort them out and to avoid losing them, put them in support of newspapers and magazines – at the top – of sight. So you don’t forget about them!

Buy a stainless steel wire basket (like the one in the know-tits cutlery and kitchen) for all sorts of small objects: buttons, keys, battery. Use another one (nicer, if you find) and in the bedroom to put your jewelry and makeup in order.
Too much mess on your jewelry table? We suggest you to use a cup-hanger for bracelets, hair elastic, watches, keys and any other objects that are out there and which is suitable for such storage.
Create an album for children’s drawings, postcards and old photos. The advantage is threefold: the album will protect them, you will know where to seek and it won’t be scattered everywhere.
Get into action with the vacuum cleaner; and using special brushes, clean the ceiling, walls and all difficult surfaces of dust and cobwebs. Of course during this time the room windows and the door must be wide open. Wait about a quarter of an hour, for plenty of fresh air to enter, and move to the next stage.
It’s about cleaning the window frames and doors, using lukewarm water with regular detergent – or any other product that suits you.

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Cleaning Tips For The Holidays