Cleaning Products that are Never Good to Combine

When you deal with surfaces that are hard to clean you are tempted to opt for methods that seem to be very good ideas at that moment or you believe that they are something good because you found them because of a simple Google research but, however, specialists warn that certain combinations between these cleaning products may be useless or even more, dangerous.

We all know that unfortunately, most of the cleaning products are toxic if we accidentally inhale them (let’s not forget to consider how dangerous they could be when combined the wrong way!). When you are using these products, you should wear gloves on your hands during the cleaning process because they will dry the skin on your hands entirely and you will have to deal with a lot of pain until you reach to re-hydrate skin on your hands and palms.

According to specialists from laboratories who analyze cleaning products, people most often believe that if a certain cleaning product is good, mixing it with another one will make it become even better. Certain products that are good and efficient may be extremely dangerous in certain combinations.

Here are 5 combinations that are not good to perform:

  1. Sloppy solution for pipes with another solution having the same purpose

Specialists say that it is never recommended to combine two different sloppy solutions for pipes, but not even using one solution for pipes and then immediately applying the next product for the same goal. These products have powerful formulas and may provoke even explosions.

  1. Baking powder and vinegar

Even if you will find numerous product formulas for cleaning purposes that you can prepare at home and that contain this combination, that mixture is practically useless. The baking powder is a base and the vinegar is an acid. Practically, the obtained solution will be as efficient as water. Even more, from this combination results a lot of foam and if it is prepared in a closed recipient, it could even explode.

  1. Chlorine and vinegar

This combination can be considered by a lot of people a good disinfecting item, but these products should actually never be combined. In the moment of mixing them together, a chlorine vapor is formed that can cause respiratory problems and burning and tearing of the eyes.

  1. Chlorine and ammoniac

Just like in the case of combining chlorine and vinegar, this mixture produces a toxic gas called chloramines that have the same effects, and strong chest pain in plus. In addition, a lot of solutions designed for window cleaning purposes contain ammoniac, so don’t mix these products either with chlorine.

  1. Chlorine and sanitary alcohol

You have probably heard of chloroform. It is the solution that kidnappers use in the movies to make their victims fall asleep. Therefore, even if this combination is not fatal, it is however very toxic and irritating.

The conclusion is that the only liquid that you can combine chlorine with is water. You probably didn’t know before that you are never allowed to make these 5 above described cleaning product combinations. If you already performed one or more of them and nothing serious happened, it was your luck! But from now, make sure that you will not repeat the same mistake again.

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Cleaning Products that are Never Good to Combine