Cleaning mistakes that are slowing you down

Do you spend one day to be Cinderella, from dawn to dusk and you are tired of it? Do you want to finish the cleaning process as soon as possible, but also you don’t want to be superficial? We can help with this, telling you which are the most common and banal seven mistakes that slow you down. Here they are:

If you don’t like to vacuum or  sweep, you might find very tempting  to do this first. Nothing more wrong! Because if you then remove the dust from books, lamp, the dirt will fall on your freshly cleaned carpet. And should you vacuum twice.
You don’t sort the laundry:
Many people do not give much importance to cloth sorting  before throwing them in the washing machine. It’s important to sort them by color and fabric. Do not wash together for example, towels knit and / or velvet. Doing this you avoid spending a whole day removing lint from your favorite dress.

Clean the windows on sunny days
Yeah,  you would not have thought there was something wrong with that, on the contrary! But the explanation is logical. If you clean the windows when it’s hot outside, the solution will dry before wiping it, and traces will remain. And you’ll start over, again and again, to wipe them.
Pay attention to vacuum cleaner’s brush:
Do not forget to withdraw the brush when you go from carpet to the flooring surface. If you forget to do this, you will scatter dust and dirt everywhere.
… And to cleaning solutions
After you pour the cleaning solution on tiles or tub, let it action a little bit. If you do this, the existing dirt will soften and dissolve – in short time: you’ll rub less!
Shoes at the door
Yes, we know that the Code of Good Manners says that guests should not take their shoes off. But do you realize that you will vacuum rarely if every man that comes into your house would not carry with him all the dirt?

Clean the cleaning products
Some of us forget to do this, yes. To empty the vacuum bag frequently, to wash and disinfect the mop or to change pads. And because of this, the products are not as effective as they should. Clean or replace the product, as appropriate.

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Cleaning Mistakes That Are Slowing You Down