Clean your Tongue to Protect yourself against Various Diseases!


Many people are talking about the necessity of cleaning our tongues. Doctors see a lot of tongues with black, yellow, brown or green debris on the surface. On the contrary, others have completely pink and clean tongues. Anyway, what this debris on the tongue means? Is there anything to do about removing it? How often is it recommended to remove debris from the surface of the tongue? Does this have an impact on caries or periodontal disease? Are young people predisposed to the appearance of debris on the tongue?

A lot of people tend to easily gather debris on the surface of their tongues. Unfortunately, the tongue represents a great place for the appearance of numerous rotting and living organisms. The cleanliness of the tongue mostly depends on the length of taste buds and anatomy differences. No matter what the reason is, patients tend to develop debris on their tongues from diverse causes.

Cleaning your tongue is not a new concept. Elite people from all regions of the world have been practicing tongue cleaning for centuries. The problem is that nowadays, modern dentistry neglects the importance of having our tongues cleaned.

How is it recommended to clean your tongue?

If you would ask several patients if they practice tongue cleaning, some of them would say that they do it by using a standard toothbrush. Anyway, you definitely ask yourself if that is an adequate tongue cleaning technique. The answer is negative. Research proves that cleaning your tongue with a toothbrush eliminates only a certain amount of debris.

The best way to clean your tongue is using a tongue scraper. Efficient tongue hygiene can be improved with 50% starting with the first day, if performed with a tongue scraper, according to medical studies. The taste buds in some people are like a shag carpet. When it is covered with debris, this favors the multiplying of organisms.

While numerous people may encounter irregularities on their scraping surfaces, others may notice only smooth symptoms. Most of the tongue scrapers serve for a long time before breaking and are not expensive to buy. Numerous simple tongue scrapers are available for sale on the market and you can choose from a wide range of materials, including plastic or metal. There are also different sizes to choose from, separately for adults and children, so that the whole tongue surface can be covered with the scraper.

Therefore, every patient can choose his/her desired tongue scraper, depending on preferences. Plastic tongue scrapers for example are flexible and are not that wide like an average tongue. Plastic tongue scrapers gently scrape the tongue.

There are low chances for children to have organisms on their tongues. However other children do present significant debris on their tongues. But if you teach your children to start cleaning their tongues early, they will understand that this is their chance to combat debris. If neglected, debris in children may result in foul breath, gingivitis and dental caries, just like in adults.

Scientific studies prove that more than half of children have early dental caries, by the age of 5. Brushing the teeth properly and cleaning their tongue adequately is a great way for combating mouth odor in children.

It is important that you don`t place your scraper too deep down your throat, so that you avoid vomiting. It is better to fully open your mouth and extend your tongue as much as you can, so that you don`t have to apply the scraper too deeply in your mouth.

The first time may be complicated, until you get used with the correct way to use the scraper, but it will be fine in the end. You will be able to place the scraper deeper and deeper over time, without touching the gag reflex. And the best part is that tongue cleaning can be done in only several seconds.

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Clean your Tongue to Protect yourself against Various Diseases!


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