How to clean the whole house with only 2 ingredients

Cleaning the house is often a chore. Takes long time and the products you use really does not solve all the problems promised on TV or in stores. Cleanliness can become a moment that doesn’t consume energy, time, money and nerves. Moreover, some of the solutions we use on everyday household are not environmentally friendly.

Jen Gale is a woman with a blog that shares his discoveries resulted from an experiment: he decided with her husband not to buy anything new, and that for a whole year, reports The Mirror. In this way, the two were forced to find solutions to everyday household chores.

Cleaning solutions for bathroom and kitchen
Two ingredients that are found in every house will save you from many situations: baking soda and vinegar. With their help you can forget about kitchen cleaning solutions, bathroom or windows. Put vinegar in a jar and every time you eat oranges or lemons, do not throw the shells, but put them into the jar. Leave it a few days and then strain the mixture. Put flavored vinegar and water in a spray tube and ready, you’ll have a universal solution for cleaning your refrigerator, sink, soap stains in the shower or tub or trash. To clean the oven, add vinegar over baking soda until you obtain a paste and then apply it in the oven. Leave it on for 30-60 minutes and wipe with a cloth.

Vinegar is used primarily to remove odors. If you cannot get rid of the smell of garbage bucket, you can wash with a solution consisting of half a cup of hot vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda, rinsing it at the end.

Limestone deposited on the shower head can be removed if you leave it for a few hours in a container filled with vinegar. Also, batteries can be cleaned with water, salt and vinegar. If the cups remained stained with coffee or tea, fill them with a little vinegar, and the next day you will be able to clean them extremely easy.

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How To Clean The Whole House With Only 2 Ingredients