How to clean and organize your closet

Every woman gathers in time clothes she no longer wears. This becomes a real problem when there is no space in the dressing room and when looking for a particular article of clothing turns into an ordeal that can take hours. Do these things happen to you, too? It means it is time to organize your wardrobe.

We know that thought of removing everything inside it scares you, so we thought we would come to help you with some tips that are really helpful.
How to get rid of clutter
Dozens, maybe even hundreds of clothes from your closet gave you nightmares and still maybe make you feel guilty for some  that you may not ever worn, but do not want to get rid of them? Follow our advice!

1. First of all, completely empty the closet. Take clothes one by one and examine them carefully, Think about whether you’ll never wear and then put them into one of three piles made specifically: the clothes they usually wear, the ones that you want to donate and those that cannot be worn and you’ll throw.
2. Install shelf dividers on each half. In this way, you can put folded clothes on the both sides, saving space.
3. Put shirts, skirts, pants and jackets of the same color on hangers. In this way, everything will have a uniform appearance and will look really tidy.
4. Instead keep lingerie in drawers, opt for some transparent plastic boxes in which you can put bras and other such items. If you want to be truly effective, reserve some time to sort them by color, especially if your underwear is made completely out of sets. In this way, you will save time in the morning.
5. The space on the door should not be wasted! Create a horizontal bar where you can hang belts, scarves and any other clothing items of this type.
6. If the lack of light in the closet gives you headaches in the morning and in this way you get to look chaotic for the clothes that you need, making a mess, you should fix the problem in a very simple way: install a light bulb or a few spotlights. Use adhesive spots that light up by simply pressing their upper surface.
7. Paint the inside of the cabinet in a modern color according to your taste. In this way, you will convince yourself that you must keep order, for everything to look perfect.
8. Label each shelf depending on what you have stored on it. For example, you can use names such as “sweaters with long sleeves” or “shirts” to stop putting clothes made of different materials and with different cuts in the same place.
9. Just like you did with your underwear, you can arrange clothes on hangers according to colors.
Follow these tips and you’ll be definitely satisfied with the result! It will be much easier to maintain order in your closet, not to mention the time you’ll save in the morning when you’ll choose clothes that you want to wear for that day.

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How to clean and organize your closet