How to clean the kitchen with natural products

Did you know that without any cleaning product used in house, you can make the kitchen shine? Do not rush to go to the store and leave there a staggering sum of money on all sorts of products that are toxic and can harm you. I am going to teach you how to clean the kitchen with 100% natural products;

Windows or appliances cleaning:
Windows, doors and  kitchen appliances can be cleaned with a solution made of 100% natural substances as borax, lemon and vinegar. Add the mixture into a spray bottle and offer to your windows and appliances the shine that they “deserve”.

Cleaning the stove and oven
Ditch the toxic scouring powder that you inhale whenever you rub grease stains on the stove or in the oven. With a little baking soda mixed with water, you can get a natural, “healthier” and much more effective in removing hardened food debris. Baking soda has powerful whitening properties, and if besides water, is mixed a little vinegar and lemon juice, you get a great cleaner for stoves, which removes the most nasty stains.

Cleaning the cutting board
Cutting boards tend to attract a lot of bacteria and other microorganisms living there. Thoroughly clean wood chopper with salt and lemon after each use to remove food residues that tend to penetrate the wood and avoid the risk of contamination with dangerous microbes. Pour half a lemon, salt and use  sponge to clean it.

Cleaning the oven
The microwave is a development environment for bacteria and other germs dangerous to health, which is why should be periodically clean inside. Easier to remove hardened food debris and disinfect the device correctly, put a wet sponge in it and sprayed throughout the interior with a solution prepared from water mixed with essential oils. Start the oven for two minutes. Open the door, wait until the0 sponge cools slightly, then wipe all surfaces with it until the oven remains perfectly clean.

Cleaning the dishwasher
You should not struggle weekly to clean up inside the dishwasher to remove bacteria and food debris. All you have to do to clean it is to use a washing program in which, instead of detergent, you put vinegar.

Dish washing
You can create your own dish detergent with some products. It is efficient, removes grease and cleans like any detergent, except that it is natural and does not affect your skin and health as those in trade:
– 3-4 lemons;
– 500 ml of water;
– 225 g salt;
– 125 ml of vinegar.

Cleaning the sink
The prepared solution of baking soda and water do wonders in cleaning and sanitizing sink. Also, this solution made of water and vinegar helps remove the stone or limestone which tends to deposits on the sink. Finally, rub the surface with a lemon and rinse with water to remove odors and to provide a pleasant smell.

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How To Clean The Kitchen With Natural Products