How to Clean Dust Mites

Mites are a class of very tiny spiders which are attracted to damp places, with plenty of organic material (leather, dust, sebum, etc.) that can cause severe allergies in humans and animals. Most often, mites are found in beds, pillows, sofas, chairs, blankets, quilts and other places in the bedroom where it can gather dust and sweat.

More than 48,000 different species of mites, from mites that live and feed with the blood of animals, to mites that feed on mold and mites that live on houseplants. Being so small, mites are difficult to detect and difficult to eradicate unless you know of their presence in a particular place. Most of them are microscopic, which means that you can deal with an invasion into your home without you even knowing. To get rid of mites, you need to know where to locate and treat the problem carefully.
Where do you find the house mites
Most species of mites are harmless to humans, but there are some species that colonize and can transmit disease or cause allergic reactions and skin or lungs irritation.
Carpets, mattresses, curtains, thick drapes, stuffed animals and dusty and wet rooms are ideal places for the development of mites and symptoms of so-called “dust allergies” are actually caused by these small insects.

Symptoms of allergy and mites in the bedroom are: red eyes, sneezing, asthma attacks, recurrent fever, sore throat, which is explained by an infection in the throat or cold, minor skin itching and irritation. Mites cause hay fever, eczema and atopic dermatitis cases sometimes aggravating the already present one.
How to get rid of mites with chemicals
Mites are difficult to detect, they are very small, but there are substances that can treat mattresses, rugs and pillows to get rid of nasty insects.
The first step to get rid of mites is to wash the linens, curtains and blankets or quilt, preferably at  high temperatures ( sheets and duvets or pillows stuffed with synthetic, they attract more mites and must be changed every two weeks) with appropriate detergent. In addition, if you know you have mites in bed, regular disinfection with chlorine can help to kill them.

Besides maintaining the cleaning, dusting and vacuuming often (possibly with a vacuum cleaner with water, which prevents dust particles to deposit in thin layer on furniture and bedding) regular surfaces that collect dust, and you can use special solutions for mattresses, chairs and large pillows.
How to get rid of dust mites naturally
If you have allergies and / or do not want to expose yourself or your family and pets to toxic substances, you can call the natural substances that act as a repellent against dust mites and insects.

Pay attention to the humidity level in the house and buy a dehumidifier or air conditioner so that the moisture level to never exceed 50%. If you have items that cannot be washed but contain mites (comforters, blankets, etc.), frozen for 24 hours in a large freezer. Mites die if staying longer than 24 hours at very low temperatures.
Tea tree oil is a good natural remedy to get rid of mites, but you can try a cayenne powder or colloidal silver, although the latter is quite controversial.

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How to Clean Dust Mites