How to clean bottles with coarse salt

Most times, we dispose of dirty bottles and jars because we are lazy to clean them. The process can be difficult, especially if the containers are high and narrow. Not to mention that you need time, patience and special tools: a brush or swab.

Here’s a trick to turn to, that will make your job easier!
Tall bottles, jars, glasses, vases and other containers of this kind can be cleaned inside in just two minutes. The first thing you need to do is to fill them with boiling water because so the dirt and grime to soften. Then pour a few drops of dish soap, one, two tablespoons of water and coarse salt. Shake well the container! The salt is abrasive and perfectly cleans inside the glass so that it will remain spotless. Then rinse with cold water to remove the detergent. Careful! We advise you to hurry and move quickly so that the salt won’t be able to dissolve.
Use tea for glass cleaning. You have to leave a few bags of tea in a container with cold water to obtain a concentrated solution. You should have about 3 liters of water and 15 bags of tea. Then put the resulting liquid into a spray bottle and use it to clean the glass. Moisten it with tea and wipe thoroughly with a newspaper or cloth.

Sodium bicarbonate
Stains on fiberglass surfaces can be removed with a solution of 1 part white vinegar and 3 parts baking soda. Then wash with soap and rinse with water.

How to remove the labels
Some labels get soaked in hot water and it only takes a soapy sponge to clean them. Others, however, are well-bonded and do not give any after standing for hours in hot water. I tried with alcohol, and even with abrasive paste with acetone nail but no results. Finally, I found a mixture of baking soda, oil and scouring powder which worked and got rid even of the most stubborn traces of glue.
Clean with this paste:
Mix a teaspoon of baking powder with a teaspoon of sunflower oil rub well with this mixture or areas covered with adhesive label on the jar. Let it act 30 minutes then rub with abrasive cleansers and a sponge. Wash with warm water and dishwashing detergent.

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How To Clean Bottles With Coarse Salt