Chalkboard Mason Jar – Easy Teacher Gift

A few items I always have around is chalk paint. I love the stuff in the spray can but also have a tub of it too. Oh, and I keep non-sanded tile grout handy to whip up my own DIY chalk paint (see the recipe below!).
For this project I went to one of my go-to’s, grabbed a paint brush and a Perfect Mason out of my stash I’ve decorated my house with.

If you want a smooth finish use chalk spray paint. I was looking for a more distressed, old school kinda paint job so I added a pretty thick coat. Once it was dry I used a 220 grit sandpaper to the raised letters and the rim. Distressed… done!
Then, I tried a new trick I saw on Pinterest a while ago. After ‘curing’ the chalk paint by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk all over my jar, I rubbed it off with a Magic Eraser. Supposedly it does something magic….
Now it’s time to add some fun stuff to your Chalkboard Mason Jar. Maybe write a sweet thank you note!
With my son’s most awesome 4-5th grade teacher in mind, Mr. Hardy, I thought he’d get a kick out of requiring a science fact be told for any student that needs a new pencil. He is afterall, the manliest of men teachers!
Wrap a piece of jute-twine around the neck of your jar and tie a piece of chalk to one end for an extra fun touch. Adding a thank-you tag would be wonderful as well. If my printer wasn’t conveniently out of ink, I’d have one on there!
See! I told you it was quick & easy! And if you wanted more of a sweet look you can always make your own DIY pink chalk paint for the girliest of girl teachers!
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