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Stripped for Cash? A Guide to Fixing your Vacuum Cleaner

All vacuum cleaners lose a bit of suction power over time, but if yours seems to be failing prematurely, have a look inside it. It might...

Save on Cleaning Costs with These 4 Great Tips

Everyone dreams of owning a clean home. And why not? We spend so much time indoors and if we want to be safe and healthy, having...

When to Book a Cruise for Big Savings

There are several factors to consider when booking a cruise that can save (or cost you) serious money. The nice thing is these factors...

DIY Toothbrush Wraps

This absorbent, terrycloth pouch is the perfect place for your toothbrush and paste when you are away from home. Four 3 inch wide pockets...

How to Dye a Gradient Yarn

DIY Yarn Organizer

DIY Faux Shag Rug under $10