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How to dye faded jeans

So a few months ago I decided to go on a no spend spree. Have you ever challenged yourself not to spend money for...

4 Easy DIY Spice Blends

I need to address the topic of food. I love to cook, so this is really a fun challenge for myself. I am trying...

Stripped for Cash? A Guide to Fixing your Vacuum Cleaner

All vacuum cleaners lose a bit of suction power over time, but if yours seems to be failing prematurely, have a look inside it. It might...

Save on Cleaning Costs with These 4 Great Tips

Everyone dreams of owning a clean home. And why not? We spend so much time indoors and if we want to be safe and healthy, having...

When to Book a Cruise for Big Savings

There are several factors to consider when booking a cruise that can save (or cost you) serious money. The nice thing is these factors...

Homemade Gel Air Freshener

I am sharing a quick post on the fun little craft my kids and I did together this weekend. The original idea came from my...

Kitchen Towel Rag Quilt

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