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Easy and Thrifty Christmas Decorations

These are SO easy. I went once again to the thrift shop(for me it's like going to the mall) and found some amazing holiday...

DIY Rustic Garland Tutorial

Man, I have been so busy lately and I figured if I wanted any new Christmas decorations I had better get started... yesterday. I grabbed...

Dreamy White Christmas Tree

Growing up in California I was always dreaming of a white Christmas. I remember one year it was literally freezing cold on Christmas Eve...

Custom Stockings on a Budget

For the last several years I’ve suffered through a hodge-podge of stockings that match only in the sense that they are Christmas Stockings.  This...

Mercury Glass Mason Jar Lanterns

In the past, Mercury Glass was one of those rare treasures you would find at a garage sale or thrift store and just squeal...

Melted Snowman Ornaments

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is reliving the traditions of my childhood. My parents blessed me with many MANY traditions including an...

Steps To Make Wooden Joy Sign for Christmas

Sign boards really look cool when they are put up at the door. Like for example, the do not disturb sign board or currently...

Homemade Gel Air Freshener

I am sharing a quick post on the fun little craft my kids and I did together this weekend. The original idea came from my...

Kitchen Towel Rag Quilt

Gift Card Necklace