Cardio Exercise when Sick


Do you cough, sneeze, you have a runny nose and malaise? Certainly at this time, if you’re cool, you are not in the mood for sport. However, doctors warn that those who do not interrupt the routine of going to the gym or work out outdoors can heal faster, and the symptoms will not be so painful.

In general, athletes have a stronger immune system than sedentary individuals and don’t get sick faster.

Unfortunately, not all viruses can be spoofed, and sometimes even the most dedicated athlete surrenders in front of a cold. When that happens, do not give up! According to experts from the American College of Sports Medicine, moderate exercise, halve convalescence. You can make a break on the first two days of illness, then recommence easy sport, duration and intensity of exercise. Do not force, because you will further weaken the immune system, which is now focused on fighting the disease. It is very important to hydrate yourself properly in this period, because the runny nose can speed up dehydration. And if you go to the gym, you should be more careful with hygiene. Stay away from the others and clean the gym equipment with antibacterial wipes before and after use.

Fair would be to be responsible and not to disperse viruses, or contact new ones. Because you are vulnerable to respiratory infections, especially a few hours after a strong workout. Nose, mouth, eyes are the gateway to microbes in the body, so don’t touch your face with dirty hands. Regarding the question of whether to go or not at the gym when you’re cold, you have to regard the following rule: If the symptoms are located above the neck (stuffy nose, sore throat, headache), means that you have a common cold and there is no problem if you do sports. On the other hand, if you have fever, shortness of breath, chest pain, you probably have flu or bronchitis, in which case you have to stay calm and take some rest, otherwise you risk to get dehydrated and to aggravate your status.

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Cardio Exercise when Sick