Candle Wick Trimming Quick Tip


Today I have a “Quick Tip!” for trimming those newly purchased candle wicks. Every time I buy candles from a store, they always try to sell me the $10 candle wick trimmer. Trimming the wick allows the candle to burn slower and extend the life of the candle, so I almost always get one but talk myself out of it. I’ve tried using scissors and never get the best results, then I had one of those “duuhhhh” moments.

Candle Wick Trimming Quick TipNail Clippers!
Why have I never thought to use these before?? They give the nice flat cut and I already have one!

Candle Wick Trimming Quick TipI’ll also use the clippers to keep wick trimmed throughout the candles life to help extend burn time.

Well, I might be slow to this nail clipper realization but maybe it can help y’all.

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Candle Wick Trimming Quick Tip