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Breasts are a very important part of woman’s body. They attract men’s looks and provoke envy among women, but their most important function is to nourish the baby. They may be large or small, but we love them and care for them. Unfortunately, women may suffer breast surgeries due to illness, like breast cancer or other diseases, or just their size differs very much and they want to correct the aesthetic appearance. Read the article below and find out the answer to your medical problems. The solution might be simpler than you thought!

Bras for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
A known fact about pregnant and nursing women is that their breasts fill with milk and they need a comfortable and supportive bra. Because they prepare themselves for taking care of the newborn, their breasts should always be comfortable, handy and in good shape. Also, most women go up from 1 to 3 cup sizes during their pregnancy. Because of these major changes, the woman should choose carefully a bra that will be comfortable both regarding cups and band.

After birth, the milk will be ready for consumption by the newborn. The moment when your breasts are at fullest with milk is also known as engorgement.
The first period when you are nursing the baby, the size of your breasts may change but once you are feeding your baby on a regular schedule, you will start having a constant bra size. Because you don’t have your belly anymore, you might return to your pre-pregnancy bra band size but the cup size will vary.

All women undergo changes during pregnancy and nursing period, this why it is important to take account of your new measures and wear quality comfortable bras.
In order not to spend a lot of money on different maternity bras, it’s a good choice to buy a nursing bra after the seventh month. These bras are very comfortable and will provide the support your breasts need, and also, it will be useful after you give birth.
A good maternity bra is a blessing for pregnant women. It will provide all the comfort and support you need during the pregnancy. You avoid harming your back while wearing a maternity bra. Also, the stretch marks can be prevented or, at least, reduced. Usually, the maternity bras are allergens and toxins free for sensitive skin, so regardless of your skin type, such bra is safe to wear.

Bras for Prominent Ribcage
Not any woman can wear underwire bras. They may feel uncomfortable even though the cup size is properly fitted. If the wire pops into your skin and there is nothing you can do about it, perhaps your ribcage is high.
All the people are different, nobody is identical to other. Some may have the ribcage more noticeable than others. In order to find out if your ribcage is high, place a finger under the breasts, where the wire should lie. If you feel a hard bump in that place, it means that a rib passes right there and makes you uncomfortable.
A simple solution for such a problem is to wear wire-free bras or soft cup bras. Although women associate bras without underwire with tedious, unoriginal styles, there are a lot of new styles on the market that will catch your attention. Also, they are very supportive and nice.

Bras for a Hiatal Hernia
Women diagnosed with a hiatal hernia should be very careful when choosing a bra. A classic bra, with underwires, may be uncomfortable because it presses against your upper stomach and harms you, causing pain and even digestive problems.
If you are one of women diagnosed with a hiatal hernia wear only soft cup bras or wire-free bras. This way you will avoid the pain caused by the underwires.
Also, you can wear sports bras, but choose one that has a low tight band. Other with medium and high-tight band may harm you.

Bras for Curvature of Spine
Because of spine affections, wearing a bra becomes more difficult. Usually, the band rolls up your back or the straps fall off your shoulders. Indeed, fixing the straps or the band all the time is uncomfortable, but don’t worry, there are plenty of other bra styles that will work out for you.
One may spend a lot of time finding the perfect bra, but after finding it, you will spend your time enjoying it, feeling more confident, beautiful and healthier. We recommend the bras with a wide band in the back. The wide band will lie flat against your back, hence, preventing it from rolling up.
Also, you could try a posture bra. It supports the back really well. Moreover, we advise the longline bra that extends to the waist. It will stay fit all day long providing excellent support.
If you encounter more problems with the falling of straps, buy a bra that has fully adjustable straps. You may want adjust one strap tighter than the other one, and such a thing won’t be possible without adjustable straps. The bra should support your bust and, at the same time, should not avoid caring for your health. Also, bras with straps close together in the back are a good choice for spinal curvature.
Make sure you wear the perfect size of the bra, in case you have spinal curvature problems. Pay closer attention to band size. It should be tight enough to support you, but not to harm you. Only by wearing the correct size of the bra, you prevent many problems; also, your clothes fit better and the breasts are more emphasized.

Breast Reconstruction Solutions
You might have difficulties in finding a right bra after you undergo breast surgery. You need a perfect bra that will take care of your breasts, speeding your recovery after surgery. Regardless of what surgery you went through, lumpectomy or mastectomy procedure, your breasts have to feel as good as before the surgery.
After the operation, the specialist will recommend what type of bra to wear. He will advise you the best options. One of these options is surgical compression bra. This type of bra keeps the bust in place, not letting anything wrong to happen and help with proper drainage. Also, the doctor may suggest wearing a wire-free, soft cup bra or sports bra.
Take note of your surgeon’s recommendations during the healing process.
You may be interested in adjustable breast form bra if you are having a delayed reconstruction or more than one breast reconstruction surgery. This bra is excellent for such matters because it has a removable filling that can be personalized to the size you need. You can remove the filling and have a spacious shell where your breasts may feel comfortable.
However, after healing from the surgery, you need to measure yourself and find your perfect bra size.
The reconstructed breasts do not have nipples. But classic bras have extra space for the nipple. In this case, there will be a gap at the center of your bra cup. But don’t worry. There are solutions to deal with this problem. Try out a heavy lining bra. A lined or molded bra creates the appearance of more symmetrical breasts, although they are uneven.
Women usually avoid wearing underwire bras after reconstruction surgery. In addition, wire-free bras are more comfortable when talking about uneven breasts. Check out the market, there is a large variety of supportive soft cup bras waiting for you.

Lumpectomy Bra Solutions
An operation on your breasts such as lumpectomy or even partial mastectomy can radically change your bra needs comparing to those before the surgery. But even in this situation, it is still possible to feel comfortable and look beautiful in your bras.
The type of bra and the size of the prosthesis you will be wearing should be determined by the size and type of your lumpectomy. In order to choose the right bra and prosthesis, you must follow your doctor’s advice, especially in the period immediately after surgery, because breast surgeries vary from patient to patient.
Your doctor should recommend what type of bra to wear once you leave the hospital. The most commonly prescribed bra is a surgical compression bra. This type of bra promotes healing process by applying pressure on the breasts.
In some cases, you don’t need a medical-grade compression bra and your doctor may prescribe a soft cup bra, like a sports bra. Also, you need to choose a bra with a front closure rather than one with a traditional back closure, less arm stretching will speed up healing.
You should also pay attention to what types of bras feel best for you, because depending on where your surgery was performed you will have a different comfort level on your skin.
Wear wire-free bras in case the sides or bottoms of your breasts are sensitive.
If you are frustrated about the size difference between your breasts, wear a stretch cup bra. This bra type will support both breasts and no padding or fill is needed.
A woman should be comfortable in her bra as she is physically comfortable. This is a very important factor. Don’t be discouraged if your breasts are uneven. There are a lot of solutions for this problem, that will provide a more balanced appearance.
You could use partial breast form or compensation form. This bra type is specially designed for the post-surgery period and uses the same technology as forms for full mastectomies.
You can wear a partial breast form with any Mastectomy Bra in order to keep the form in place. However, if you want to wear the form with a non-mastectomy bra, opt for a full coverage cup.
Don’t forget about the bra with removable pads. It is very handy when you want to wear low-cut blouses. Simply remove the pad from the larger breast, hence, the smaller breast will have more filling, and it will be created an appearance of symmetricity.
It is paramount to find the perfect bra size. It might take a bit of time and effort until you find it, but the result is exceptional. Wearing a properly fitting bra reduces a lot of problems and provides a beautiful silhouette, making you feel more comfortable and self-confident.

Osteoporosis Solutions
A very common bra problem that most of women are subjected to, namely falling off straps, creates more inconveniences to some women compared to others. Usually, this is due to osteoporosis or sloped shoulders, which is a natural condition affecting some women. Such women are looking for bras with fixed straps that won’t fall. There are several good options for this condition.
For starters, we recommend the racerback bra. It is perfect for women with sloped shoulders or osteoporosis. Also, this bra is known as T-back bra because its straps meet in the back. This variation of straps, fixed in the back, makes them impossible to fall off the shoulders. Therefore, you feel more comfortable. Also, you could try out convertible bras. The straps of such bras can be rearranged as you like in order to satisfy your needs.
Women with osteoporosis might like the padded straps bras. Usually, women with a smaller breasts size might find it difficult to find a bra with padded straps. In such case, you can buy the straps separately and wear them with any bra you like.
As mentioned before, finding your perfect bra size is difficult but worth it. A bra should act as a supporter for your back, shoulder, breasts and should not make you uncomfortable. If you chose to wear a T-back bra, make sure that the band fits you perfectly. This way the pressure from your shoulders will disappear.

Bras After Breast Augmentation
Every woman dreams about beautiful, appealing breasts. Some women are lucky to be so gifted while others have to either love themselves as they are or resort to breast implants.
If a woman decides to undergo breast augmentation surgery, she has to change her entire wardrobe. Although it is tempting to try out new outfits that emphasize your beauties, first of all, you will have to find out your perfect bra size that will highlight your bust and make you feel comfortable.
After the breast implant surgery, your breasts will be swollen. Avoid wearing underwire bras during healing. Instead, opt for a wire-free bra. Listen to your doctor’s advice. He may suggest wearing a surgical bra that will speed up the healing and will reduce swelling. This bra has the same effects as a compression bra. Don’t hurry to jump into underwire bras until your body is prepared for such a change.
After you’re healed, remeasure yourself and learn your new size. Even though you have probably discussed with your doctor about your perfect bra size, the breast implants are not identical with the bra cup size. So, better to remeasure yourself just in case. Shopping is waiting for you!

Bras After Breast Reduction
In contrast to the above paragraph, women with large breasts would like to have a smaller size because their back pain. A breast reduction surgery might be the answer to all your prayers, it might spare your back from pain and enhance your self-esteem. But before resorting to this action, find out if you can’t do anything about it. A proper bra for your size can do miracles.
However, after the surgery, you will need to heal. By wearing a surgical compression bra or a soft cup bra, you will recover quicker. Follow your doctor’s suggestions on what to wear before recovering. Also, your breasts might be swollen during healing, so don’t waste your time on measuring yourself. Wait until you’re fully recovered.
When taking your new measures, don’t be shocked if the cup size is the same as before the surgery. Perhaps you were wearing the wrong cup all the time. If you thought you were a DD, maybe you were a DDD, G or H size squeezed into the improper cup size.
Experience with the sizes and don’t look at the label. Wear the cup that fits you, not the one that you want to wear. After finding your perfect bra style and size, it will be hard to stop you from your shopping spree! A new wardrobe is always a pleasure to any woman, regardless of age.
At the beginning of this paragraph, I mentioned that women with large breasts suffer of back pain. First of all, this pain can be caused by a wrong style and size of the bra. Choose wisely, experiment with sizes and you will see that most of these problems will disappear. Maybe your breast problem was just the result of incorrect bra wearing. Take care!

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