Bra Cup Styles That Will Fit Every Need of Yours

No matter of what style of bra you are used to wear, it is essential to put on one, because it protects woman’s best and precious assets – breasts. A woman needs it to keep breasts from sagging and improves sexiness. Discussing about bra, want it or not, we mention its style and design. Each style has its own purpose. We provide you a guide on bra style which will help you learn about the different types of bra and when you basically need them.

1.Adhesive Bras
The cups of an adhesive bra stick to breasts without a band or straps. This type of bra permits you to wear dresses with low backs. The majority of adhesive bras have the cups separated that clip together in the middle. This trick makes your breasts look fabulous, even if you have small cup size. The right adhesive bra will keep your breasts up and on their place the whole night, without creating problems. However, this kind of bras is more suitable for small and average cup sizes, because it provides coverage and shaping, and less lift.

2.Backless Bras
Backless bras have a low back band, or do not have a band at all. They are especially useful in case you want to wear a backless dress. In general, backless style comprises
convertible bras: their band are much lower on the back, so they cannot be observed.
adhesive bras: are formed of two cups which stick to breasts. This is the perfect option if your dress is completely backless.
Before buying this type of bra, get ensured that the size is yours, to avoid further problems!

3.Balcony Bras
Known also as balconnet, it is one of the most famous bra styles. It is excellent for everyday wear and is suitable for almost all body types. The distinct character of this type of bras is that the top of the cups form a straight line across the bust, offering a great support. If you wear something with open decolletage, the balconnet is just the bra which you need, because it works as lift for your breasts. Balconnets have wide straps, that is why they are perfect to wear with boat neck, scoop neck and square neck tops.

Bralette is non-underwire bra, quite simple, comfortable, yet stylish. It makes you feel like you are not wearing bra at all! Bralettes are recommended for women who have small to average cup sizes and opt for modesty. They are also ideal for older women or women who feel uncomfortable to wear any other kinds of underwire bras. This type of bra can be also suitable for pregnant women, or those who are nursing. It is even comfortable to sleep with them on. Bralettes are available in all sizes: small, medium and large. Still, every brand interprets these sizes in a different way, that is why ensure that the size is yours!

5.Bridal Bras
Bridal bras are a great solution to create a slim silhouette for your wedding. There are certain types of bras which brides prefer mostly. One of them is strapless long line bra, known as basque, or bustier. The extra long band of this bra provides shaping at waist and offers a smooth line underneath your gown. As well, it provides support even without straps, this type of bridal bra being especially designed for women who wear larger sizes, or for brides who have dresses out of lighter material. However, you will find more bridal bras with straps and we recommend you to put on one of this kind if your wedding dress offers you this possibility.
Once going to shop to buy lingerie for wedding, better take your dress with you, to be sure that the bra will not be seen. If it is not possible and if you are not sure if the lingerie is appropriate, then take a photo of you in dress in front and back and then use them while purchasing the bra. These photos will also be useful in case you decide to buy online the bridal bra. It is advisable to buy the bra at least three weeks before the event, because if it does not suit you well, you to have enough time to change it, or buy another one.

6.Convertible Bras
A convertible bra can be put on in several ways, so it is perfect to fit any outfit you choose. The straps of this bra can be removed, or rearranged for different types of tops, even for halter tops and racerbacks. The convertible bras have a very flexible band, which allows you to wrap it around the waist, this aspect being ideal if you have a top with open back. This kind of bra is a must for every woman! It is not the bra which you will wear just once, just for one event, but is suitable for lots of occasions, and it will definitely save your money. Take such a bra on vacation, it will help you save some place in your luggage as well.
Convertible bras can be found of all usual sizes, that is why it will be not a challenge for you to find one which will fit you, whatever your body type is. If you often face the problem of falling straps, a convertible bra will permit you to cross the straps and get rid of this trouble.

7.DD+ Cup Bras
The most known styles of DD+ bras are:
full coverage bras.
balcony bras: this kind of bra is something between full coverage and demi cup. It provides less coverage, but it still supports well the breasts. Balcony bra is suitable for women with larger busts, because it does not poke under arms.
A minimizer bra is a must for women with larger sizes. It makes the bust look smaller and usually permits women to wear clothes which are too narrow at the level of bust. The DD plus women also have to take into account and have at least one sleep bra, to remove the discomfort while sleeping.
While buying a bra of an above D style, better profit of a professional’s advice. However, a perfect bra of large size must lift your breasts right in the middle between elbows and shoulders. The underwire has to surround the breast entirely, not creating any kind of embarrassment. Each breast has to fill the cup fully, but, at the same time, no bulge has to come out on top.

8.Demi Cup Bras
Demi cup bras cover just a half of the breasts. This kind of bra is more popular among designers of lingerie, but also can be found samples for daily use. As well you can find demi cup bras with push up padding. Women usually wear them when they want to seem sexier. However, they also practical, in particular when you want to put on a blouse or T-shirt with low cut neckline. This type of bra is recommended for women with small to average size bust. Women with large size should wear balcony bra instead, to provide enough support.
Be sure you choose the right demi cup bra for you. Much of your breasts will be out, but, however, your nipples have to remain covered, offering your chest a smooth form.

9.Full Coverage Bras
As the name already suggests, a full coverage bra is designed to cover most of your breasts. This kind of bra is especially popular among women with larger sizes, but some small cup size women also prefer full coverage bras, to provide a modest coverage and shaping to their chest. This bra guarantees that your bust will not come out, the right bra having its cups entirely full and does not create wrinkles on top. And believe me, it can be truly sexy!

10.Lace Bras
Lace bra is something that will be always in vogue. There are multiple designs of lace lingerie nowadays, for every taste and body type. A lace bra can offer you the opportunity to wear something more special than you put on daily. It definitely looks sexy, thing which provides more self-confidence. Lace bras can be found for all the types of bras. Just ensure yourself that it fits you right!

11.Longline bras
A longline bra extends down to waist or hips. This kind of design is more popular for bridal lingerie, but you can find also such designs for everyday use. The most important characteristic of this bra is that it offers extra support than other type of bra, due to its extra wide band. It also provides a perfect shape to your breasts.
The longline bra is a great option for women who wear a wedding dress, or another kind of dress. It is also ideal for women who suffer of discomfort in their back and shoulders, redistributing the weight of your breasts, so you could walk straight. It is more complicated to find a longline bra which will sit perfectly on you, because it has to fit not only the bust, but also the waist and hips. Also, decide whether you want to purchase a longline bra with firm control for shaping, or you opt for light control, for a daily use. Before buying one, be careful and verify all the sizes to fit you.

12.Mastectomy Bras
Mastectomy bra is designed for women who have passed through mastectomy, or lumpectomy, and can be worn with breast prostheses. They have secret pockets inside the cups. A mastectomy bra of high quality does not comprise only pockets, they provide sufficient coverage for maintaining the right breast form, they are lightweight and are made of soft textiles for sensitive skin. This type of bra is without wires. Also, the post-surgical bras are worn not only by women who suffered of surgery, but also by women who just feel uncomfortable in regular bras. They may be as well a solution for women who have uneven breasts, by putting padding in one cup.
Comfort is imperative in case you had a mastectomy. As a rule, the doctors recommend wearing compression bra or sports bra, so do not buy a mastectomy bra until your doctor will not advice you to do it. Yet, if you were told to buy one, better do it with the help of a professional, for determining your new bra size.

13.Maternity Bras
Maternity bra is designed for pregnant women, who want to feel comfortable and some extra support. This is because pregnant women have a more sensitive skin and their breasts become heavier. Many women, who are at their first pregnancy, can confound a maternity bra and a nursing bra. Well, know that the difference between them is that a maternity bra is worn before giving birth to the baby, and the nursing bra is used after your baby is born. The maternity bras do not have pull-down clips, they are not needed while you are pregnant. The maternity bras usually have cups with no wires, a band which can be adjusted for extra size and cups which provide your breasts commodity while they are increasing in volume.
Maternity bras are particularly advisable to be worn in the third trimester of pregnancy. However, if you are pregnant and you feel uncomfortable in your regular bras, then feel free to change it with a maternity bra. The women who “carry high” frequently need bras made out of soft materials for more comfort.
Because the bra size changes often during pregnancy, take care to change your bra at the certain time as well, for avoiding the damage of your breast tissue.

14.Minimizer Bras
If you want to avoid too much attention to your bust, then the minimizer bra can solve your problem. It has the ability to decrease the size of your breasts with two inches. This bra permits the breasts to fill entirely the cup, creating in this way the illusion that the bust is smaller.
If your bust is large, it is a must for you to have at least one minimizing bra. Even if you do not intend to minimize your bust, it will be useful in case you will want to have a more smooth-running silhouette. It will also look great in case you wear a T-shirt. While purchasing a minimizer bra, you will wear the same size as you wear on a regular basis. There is no necessity to take a smaller size of bra to achieve the desired smaller look. A minimizer bra of a smaller size will not sit on you properly, creating the impression that you look wider than usually. Take care to buy the bra with the correct band size, to provide the necessary support.

15.Molded Cup Bras
A molded cup bra has seamless cups, which are made of textile thicker than that that’s used in general for bras. Simply saying, a molded bra is the one, which maintains its shape after you put it off. The word “molded” relates to the way in which the cups of this kind of bra are fabricated. The fabric is heated over a mold to give the cup its original form. This type of bra appeared in the 1980’s and has quickly become popular.
There are several reasons why you should have in your wardrobe a molded cup bra. One of them is that it is absolutely seamless, which permits you to wear it under all kinds of clothes due to is smoothness. Also, there is no doubt that your nipples will come out in any form. And finally, the shape of the cups may perfectly hide your imperfect breast, creating a sexy look.
For women with larger sizes this kind of bra is just right to lift and shape the bust. The molded bras usually have some push-up padding as well. Be sure that the cup fits your breasts properly, verify if there are no gaps or bulges at the top of the cup. If you have full breasts at the top, try a molded cup bra with full coverage. For more volume at the bottom, use demi cup bra or balconnets.

16.Nursing Bras
Nursing bras are specially designed for women who breastfeed to ease and make more comfortable their life, while their breasts are at their top point regarding sensitiveness. The nursing bras from nowadays are not only useful, but also stylish, providing you the opportunity to feel yourself a sexy mamma, literally saying.
The majority of nursing bras do not have underwires. The bras without underwires are recommended for the first period of breastfeeding, when the cup size is not yet stable. But once the size stabilized, feel free to put on a nursing bra with underwires. This kind of bra provides more support and makes your breast look more modest, thing important if you are going to work at the same time.
It is advisable to buy your nursing bra when you are on 30-32nd week of pregnancy. While buying one, the band of the bra should close on the tightest or middle hook. This will offer you some more space in case you will grow in size later. Also, be sure to purchase at least one nursing bra to feel and look awesome and enjoy breastfeeding your baby.

17.Petite Bras
Petite bras are meant for women with smaller sizes of chest. There are several types of bras which will make you feel petite, even if you have small size. First of all, it is about demi cup bras. The advantage of this kind of bra is that it has shorter underwires that do not provoke discomfort. Also, it creates a truly sexy look which will make even women with petite forms envious! The majority of petite bras has push-ups, or is padded, which create the illusion that the breasts are bigger. While buying a petite bra, or any other kind of bra for small sized bust, keep in mind that A is not the smallest size. If the A cup is too large for you, try the AA size.

18.Plunge Bras
A plunge bra has very low cups in center, forming a deep V-neckline. Every woman should have such type of bra if she uses to wear low cut tops. Also, the plunge bra pushes the breasts one to another for maximum cleavage, creating a marvelous decolletage. This kind of bra usually has push up padding as well.
There are numerous styles of plunge bras, so you will find yours for sure. Just ensure yourself that it sits properly on you, the underwires surrounding your breasts, and no lumps or bulges!

19.Plus Size Bras
Plus size bras, or full figure bras, are designed for large bust. Designers elaborated a grand variety of styles and sizes for plus size women, they to feel beautiful and sexy as well. You just have to pick the right bra, taking into account your body shape and size. For example, for women who are thinner, but have a large bust, it is recommended to opt for balconettes and padded plunge bras. For better support and lift, take into consideration a full coverage bra. The majority of women with plus size feel comfortable in bras with soft cups and no underwires. Especially it refers to petite women, who usually have to deal with the problem regarding underwires. A molded bra can be also a good solution for you. Although it may look larger, believe me that it will not add in size to your chest and will provide you great support.
While buying a plus size better consult with a professional. However, it should lift your breasts, giving them an hourglass form. Be sure that it is your correct size, nothing pokes you or comes out of cups.

20.Push Up Bras
A push up bra contains padding in cups to “push up” the breasts. This type of bra is a must for you if you like to wear low cut shirts and tops. Push up bras are designed for women with any size, starting from small to large, they offering the possibility to show what a woman should be proud of!
The padding is often made of soft foam, but there are other materials from which is made the padding, such as liquid, gel, or even air (air pads). Indifferently of what the pads are made, they are natural and lightweight. Women with uneven breasts will find very useful the bras with “cookies”. These are pads which can be taken out or put into, depending on your taste. Breasts inserts can also provide you the desired push up effect. You can use them with any of your bras which you usually wear. This accessory can be also used as a small trick in case you lost weight, but want to maintain your previous cup size. Even if push up bras are made to provide cleavage, don’t overuse it. Humps coming out of your cups do not look good at all. That is why take care to wear your proper size. Also, you may need a push up bra which is one size larger than your regular bra.

21.Racerback Bras
The main characteristic of the racerback bras is that their straps come in the form of letter T or Y on the back. That is why they are also called T-backs. This type of bra comes as salvation for women, being a solution for many bra problems. It provides excellent support and lifting and is designed for any size and shape.
Racerback bra is perfect to be worn with tank tops and tees. If you have difficulties on keeping your straps on place, opt for this kind of bra as well. The majority of T-backs have their clasp in front, so women who have trouble when closing their bra at back find their rescue in this type of bra.
When purchasing a racerback bra, take care the band to suit you, because the front closure bras cannot be regulated. You may even take the bra with a little bit tighter band, because after the first wash it will become ideal for you.

22.Sleep Bras
Sleep bras are designed to offer you comfort while you are sleeping. It, in particular, refers to women with larger sizes. The sleep bra is lightweight and without wires, padding or hooks, providing at the same time the necessary support. Any soft, non-wire bra can be worn at night, but there is something which makes sleep bra more suitable for this occasion. When we are laying, gravity pulls the breasts to sides, and not down. The designers of sleep bras took this thing in consideration, that is why the cups of this type of bra have extra support at the sides of the bra.
Besides petite women, a sleep bra is recommended for women who are breastfeeding, have menstruation, are pregnant or had a surgical intervention at chest or breasts. However, sleep bras can be found of all sizes.

23.Soft Cup Bras
Soft cup bras also are part of comfortable bra series, becoming more and more popular in the last period of time. They do not have underwires (although they create the impression of underwire bra), provide more coverage and have a larger band, thing which offers extra support. It is a dream which has become true for women, this kind of bra comprising both practical and sexy properties.
Soft cup bras will be mostly preferred by women who have health problems like hiatal hernia, as well as women who are pregnant or are nursing. The shape of breasts and their support are provided due to the thick fabric which is used for their manufacture. If you decided to have a soft cup bra in your wardrobe, choose one of the same cup size like your regular bras, but take care at the band, to benefit of the necessary support.

24.Sports Bras
Sports bras offer great support and maximize the comfort while moving, keeping on one place your breasts. It is perfect in case you practice physical exercises. These types of bras are, as a rule, made of powermesh, cotton blends and material with silver thread.
There are sports bras of high, medium and low impact. For walking, yoga, or just for everyday use opt for a low impact sports bra. For jogging, running or mountain biking wear a high impact sports bra.
Also, there are several types of support provided by this type of bra. For instance, to avoid bouncing put on a compression sports bra, that presses the breasts to your body. Another kind of support is encapsulation. The encapsulation sports bra is formed of two individual cups which hold each breast in place apart.

25.Strapless Bras
Every woman that respects herself must have a strapless bra! As the name suggests, the straps of this bra can be removed, but it still has to support your bust. It is especially indispensable on summer, but can be helpful on other special occasions, too. Possibly, the idea of not wearing straps may scare you for a while, but as long as the bra is of your size, there will be no unpleasant surprises. Also, a strapless bra is designed for all kinds of shapes and sizes.
However, if you are still not courageous to try a strapless bra, you can start with a strapless longline bra. It extends to hips, offers more support and smoothes your figure. Adhesive bra is a strapless bra as well.
The main element in a strapless bra is the band. While buying a bra of this kind, ensure yourself that it is not too loose, or too tight. And the size of your cups for a strapless bra is the same like for a regular bra.

26.Stretch Cup Bras
The name of the bra already suggests what the main property of it is. The cups of this bra stretch and take the shape of your breasts. It provides comfort, that it why it is suitable if you have certain bra problems. The cups of this bra give the necessary smooth line, you to be able to wear T-shirts.
Stretch cup bras are recommended for women with “shallow breasts”. It means their breasts are fuller at the bottom than at the top. These women often suffer because are formed holes at the top of the cup, but a stretch cup bra will put an end to your trouble.
Take into consideration that stretched cup bras are not designed for lifting, but be sure that you chose the right band size, otherwise your breasts may completely sag. Also, pay attention to the cup size, ensure yourself that your breasts entirely fill the cup. Wrinkles on the top of the cup mean the cup size is too large for you.

27.Surgical Bras
Surgical bras can be recommended for wearing while recovering from a chest or breast surgery. They ease the period of recovery, reducing a part of pain by providing support. There are several types of surgical bras:
1. Compression bra – through compression, it prevents swelling and other aggravations. Still, it should not press too much, being comfortable to be worn during night and day. This kind of bra is advised to be used for women who had breast reduction, breast implants or lymphodema.
2. Soft cup bra
3. Pocketed bra (mastectomy bra).
As a rule, surgical bras are made from soft fabric, not to irritate the sensitive skin. They do not have underwires, but certain kinds of bras can have some metal pieces, necessary for faster recovery. Also, their clasp is placed in front, that providing you the chance to put on or off the bra without someone’s help.

28.T-shirt Bras
T-shirt bras, or contour bras, are the most common bra style. They are designed for being worn under any kinds of tops. The cups of a T-shirt bra are molded, being formed of a thick and solid textile, maintaining their shape all the time, even when they are taken off. But, you can also find not molded T-shirt bras.
Each woman has to have such type of bra in her collection. Yet, you will feel obliged to buy at least one bra of this kind if you like wearing T-shirts. In general, you better opt for a T-shirt bra of brown color, or the color of your skin. Do not make the mistake of wearing a white bra under a white shirt. A bra of nude color under white top will attract less attention to your outfit and will look more aesthetic.
The most important part of a T-shirt bra to which you should pay attention while purchasing is the cups. Ensure yourself that there are no bumps or gaps on the top of the cups, analyze yourself in the mirror before going out and be sure that the bra looks good under the top.

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