Body Signs that you should never ignore

A persistent cough, a sore that does not heal, sudden weight loss or changes in urine are just some of the signs that you may have a serious health problem. Although many choose to ignore these signals, these can announce a disease so serious; experts recommend you go urgently to the doctor when you notice them. Often, timely detected can make the difference between life and death.

For example, weight loss may announce a liver cancer and unexplained and persistent pain can be a cause of pancreatic cancer.

1. A persistent cough – may be a sign of lung cancer. This form of the disease has no symptoms in the early stages, so if you have a persistent cough or “smoker’s cough” go to the doctor immediately. The disease may be in the early stages, so it can be treated.
Other signs of this disease are chest pain when coughing, or coughing up blood.

2. A mole that changes shape
Melanoma form of skin cancer has the highest rate of death and can occur anywhere on the body. Common areas are the back, legs, face, or inside the nail
The most “obvious” sign that can announce this type of disease is the appearance of a new weird mole or changing the shape of the existing one. If the mole is larger changes shape, color, bleeds, does crust becomes painful or itchy, go see a doctor.

3. Change in bowel habits
If your poop is unusual accompanied by blood, if you feel the need to go to the toilet more often or less often than usual, seek immediate medical help. These signs, plus abdominal pain, may announce bowel cancer (colon). Of course, the above symptoms may be harmless but can also save your life.

4. A wound that does not heal
A mouth sore or an ulcer that does not heal are the most common signs of oral cancer. Normally, the body’s natural healing capacity is in a few weeks, and if that doesn’t happen, it is time to consult a specialist.

5. Swallowing difficulty
If you have swallowing difficulties and the problem does not go away in a few weeks at most, it could be a sign of esophagus cancer.

6. Unexplained weight loss
The symptoms may be due to many types of cancer. If you have the same eating habits, but have lost weight, inexplicably, more than 7 kg, see a doctor for an analysis kit. Cancers accompanied by this sign are: pancreatic, the stomach, esophagus or lung cancer.

7. Urine habit
The urgent need to urinate or pain on urination can announce prostate cancer. Another sign of this disease is blood in the urine.
Of course, these symptoms can be causes of simple infections, but if become frequents, see a doctor.

8. The appearance of a lump:
Many cancers can be “seen” on the skin and the appearance of lumps in the breasts, testicles or soft tissues of the body are signs that you need a medical examination.
Lump or tissue thickenings, in certain areas are early signs of the disease.

9. Persistent or unexplained pain
The pain can come in many forms of early forms of cancer, particularly in the bone and testis.
For example, a bad headache that does not get treatment, may announce a brain tumor, while the rear one is a sign of colon cancer, rectum or ovary. In most cases, the pain occurs after the cancer has spread in the body.

10. Unexplained bleeding
Early stages of cancer may be associated with unexplained bleeding. Coughing up blood, blood in the poop, abnormal vaginal bleeding, blood in urine or nipple bleeding are signs that you should go immediately to the doctor.

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