This body point is used in military medicine. If you feel bad press this point.

A special point on your hand, and another located on the feet, will save you in case you feel bad! The particular point on finger, drastically reduces blood pressure and normalizes many processes in the body.
– Your eyes will become clearer.
– Unclogs the ears.

This method is used in military medicine, where treatment is usually very different from the classical methods. Extreme medicine is applied. There is a need to do everything quickly, so the patient recovers quickly.
Point is located on the belly of middle finger. The process is very painful, you should hold it for a minute. But instead any ache that bothers you passes even spine ache.
Also there is such a point on feet:
It’s called the point of eliminating irritating condition. Daily massage for 5 minutes of both legs will get you rid of many diseases caused by the accumulation of negative emotions.
The point is very painful, and is easy to find without any error. This point is located before the swelling of the ligaments.25
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This body points are used in military medicine