Bling Push Pin Art


It is probably one of the easiest projects you can try. You might have so many other projects on your to do list, but this deserves a try.

It would be unfair to say that this is my own idea because I first saw it on Pinterest. The only thing I got there was some pictures without tutorial. I found it affordable because it just requires one 12×12 white canvas, letters, 2 packages of push pins from Walmart, scissors, and a pencil. That’s all you need to try DIY Bling Push Pin Art.

Bling Push Pin Art

Preparing the letters:

In order to create the letters you need Microsoft Photoshop, world, or any other application you usually use for the similar task on your PC. I found Photoshop useful for my work.

Just open a plain white file of 8×8” in size and use Times New Romans font of 380px size, bold. As you can check, I attempted to fill the whole front side of the letter with font. A normal printer paper might not work well because you will need a thicker paper to trace the font onto the canvas. Once you have cut the paper, place it over the canvas and then trace it with a pencil. If it’s done, you are all set to start layering the push pins to make your own blingy art.Bling Push Pin Art

Placing the push pins on canvas:

It might seem a bit confusing to put the push pins in the canvas. Believe me, it will become a very handy job for you with more practice. Just remember that sometimes you will have to put the pins in a certain angle. Just check the image and you will know how it is done.

(Important note: we are using push pins because they stay longer in the canvas. Do not worry that the applied push pins will fall out. The push pins can overlap one another and it can be more helpful in this project. The pins I used are still on the canvas.Bling Push Pin Art

Didn’t you like it? I am sure it was something unique and entertaining you might have tried in the recent time. The tutorial I presented here is applicable for preparing a number of other DIY stuffs like the Bling Push Pin art. You can choose your own words and sometimes someone’s chevron, silhouette, or any other thing you find cool. So, try it and add some unique things to make it look more exciting.

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Bling Push Pin Art