Best solution for reducing the unwanted Belly Fat

We all have faced the situation where we want to get rid of those love handles, but we don’t know how to, except for the ones who are extremely lucky not to have them. Belly fat is something we never want to bear and mostly during summers when all we want is to flaunt our bodies and get a perfect tan on the beach.

But there is a great solution that can cure the problem, and that is a Lemon and Mint drink.


We know how lemon is full of great properties and apart from that, it just refreshes everything with the tartness and tanginess it has packed inside. Although that is not the only property it has, it’s full of different assets that help our body in maintaining its weight:

  • Low Fat and Calories: Lemon juice is very low in calories so if you replace this for the calorie-rich dressings on your food table, it’s a healthy option.
  • Vitamin C: Lemon juice is a great source of Vitamin C, and when the vitamin C content is high in your body, you lose weight naturally.
  • Reduces Sugar Intake: Because of the tart flavor, it also can be used in place of sugar and thus again the intake of calories is reduced.

These are some of the properties of lemon that constitute for weight loss. Using it in the right way can help you for a better cure.


Usually used for curing stomach and chest aches, this is also called as “Mentha” which is another weight reducing plant. This is a superfood that is found naturally and should be used to the fullest because of its numerous properties. Some of the ways for weight loss are:

  • Mint Tea: This is an age-old remedy for losing weight almost instantly. The scent of the mint leaves when mixed with tea reduces the appetite of a person, in turn, reducing the weight.
  • Sniffing Mint: Smelling fresh herbs is another way of suppressing unwanted hunger pangs. Rosemary and mint are known to reduce the appetite of one person instantly. Crush some leaves by your fingers and then inhale.

Since mint provides such effect for weight loss; it is only true that when used in a proper manner, it would show results for weight loss. Mint also improves the activity of bile during digestion.

So, when the both are combined together, in a proper manner, lemon and mint can work wonders for you.


  • Lemon Juice: 2 and ½ Cups
  • Mint leaves: 15-17


The preparation of the juice or beverage is slightly different from the other health drinks. The steps for preparing the drink are:

  • Squeeze lemon juice properly into a bowl.
  • Now, pour that juice into ice containers (Cube) with a single mint leaf on every cube.
  • Now, freeze the cubes for some hours.
  • Then, add at least 3 cubes of the mixture in a glass full of water and drink that at least thrice a day.
  • For better metabolism, you can have this drink in the morning. It also is a good drink for detoxifying all the impurities.

This way you can use the two ingredients for weight loss to the fullest. Use them in the best way to have better results.

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Best solution for reducing the unwanted Belly Fat