Best Clean-Fridge-Tip Ever


I scour Pinterest and Pin’d tons of great cleaning tips to do later. One thing I did do was clean my fridge, because I found the BEST clean-fridge-tip EVER!
I found this great tip, to use Glade’s Press ‘n Seal to line the brand new fridge’s shelves with. That way they would stay nice and sparkling clean. Something spills? Who cares! Just peel off the now-dirty plastic wrap, tear off a new sheet to recover your shelf and wallah! All is better again. No scrubbing needed. Awesome!

So here is my fridge with the still dirty top shelf and the Press ‘n Seal covering the next shelf down.
Best Clean-Fridge-Tip EverMy sweet Hubbie looked at me like I lost my mind when I busted out my camera to take a picture of our fridge. “It’s for my blog!” The look of horror left his face and was replaced with a slight grin and a giggle. Hey, he was helping me so I let him giggle at me all he wanted! It was the least I could do.

The owner of the idea was fortunate to have a new fridge which was not turned on yet and therefore warm which she states made it super easy to stick the plastic too. Since mine was old and cold
I followed her advice and sort of rubbed the plastic with my hands to help it stick to the glass shelves.
Best Clean-Fridge-Tip EverI’m happy to report that 2 months later (and all the food going in and out of a fridge that feeds 9 has to deal with) the Press ‘n Seal has stayed sealed to the shelves! I was a little skeptic that it wouldn’t hold up. But since it did I just had to share it. Thanks Bre! Best. Clean-Fridge-Tip. Ever!

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Best Clean-Fridge-Tip Ever