Best Bathroom Cleaning Tips you Never Knew Before

It is understandable why you sometimes neglect cleaning your bathroom. It is true that dust and dirt doesn’t accumulate as much and as fast in your bathroom than in your living room or bedroom for instance, but you should definitely clean your bathroom throughout as well from time to time.

Here’s what you have to do for transforming your bathroom into a sparkly looking cabinet. Applying the following tips will be for your help and they involve all natural solutions that won’t steal away too much of your time to perfectly do the job.

  • Clean the shower cabinet walls. Keep handy, when you take a shower, a product specifically for cleaning the bathroom. After you took a shower, apply the solution on the wet walls and then rinse with water. If the door is made of glass, wipe it with a clean and wet cloth on which you apply baby oil or cream soap. Thus, no water stains will remain on it.
  • The bathtub curtain. Put it in the washing machine at high temperature, using bio detergent; put in some towels as well that will act as a sponge.
  • The mirror in the bathroom. You will not have to clean it too often if you prevent its steaming with the help of a simple method: after you washed it, wipe it with a dry cloth in which you applied a little bit of soap or liquid detergent.
  • The showerhead. Remove the shower head and soak it in a solution of one part water and one part vinegar. Rub it well with an old tooth brush, in order to remove dirt (used tooth brushes are some very good tools and don’t cost you anything).
  • Get rid of mildew from grout. Mix two parts baking powder and one part borax and plenty of water so that you can form a paste. Apply this mixture on the grouts and rub them with an old tooth brush. Rinse them well with water. You can also clean them with three parts water and one part bleach.
  • A toilet…just like new! Pour on the walls of the toilet bowl one cup of Cola and leave it act for one hour.
  • Another advice for cleaning the mirror: use filter paper to wipe the mirrors in your bathroom, hall and bedroom. It is very good for polishing and doesn’t leave any traces behind.
  • Eliminating mildew. Clean the area with mildew with vinegar and then with baking soda solution.
  • Relax by taking a hot bath and then clean the bathtub. When you want to take a bath, let a little bit of cool water to flow initially, in order to reduce steam that is going to form, and don’t forget to add bubble bath; this also helps in a small percentage in your cleaning process of the bathtub. After bath, clean the bathtub thoroughly because it’s easier to clean it while still hot.

Now that you became familiar with these efficient cleaning tips you probably didn’t know before, you’ll surely enjoy cleaning out your bathroom from now!

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Best Bathroom Cleaning Tips you Never Knew Before