How to avoid germs from spreading

At this time of year someone sneezes, coughs and germs can easily spread and multiply once they heat. How many of us wash their hands before touching cutlery, bread or the tablecloth? In the kitchen are 100,000 times more bacteria than in the bathroom.

Researchers at the University of Georgia, USA, have recently discovered that instead of reducing the number of bacteria in the home, most of us and most clean up contaminated areas. For example, kitchen utensils. Bacteria on fruit and vegetables easily transfer to other dishes using knives, refrigerator and cooking pots. Among the most dangerous microorganisms are E. coli and salmonella recall. Researchers recommended not only to wash knives, but even to use differentiated cutlery: some particular for fruit, others only for meat, bread and other for foods. Here’s what must be done to eliminate this source of infection.

The mattresses are deposits of pests, dry skin, bacteria, fungi colonies, pollen, dust and bodily secretions. It should be vacuumed regularly and sheets changed every 1-2 weeks. The mattress and pillows should be washed twice a year. A car wash clothes with a temperature below 60 degrees Celsius does not remove bacteria. Use at least once a month a long washing cycle for washing and double the dose of detergent.

In the sink are typically 100,000 times more bacteria than in the bathroom. Do not store fruits and vegetables in the sink before washing. Disinfect dishes with cleaning solution before bedtime. Once a week, boil the cutlery and pots used. The cutting board has 200 times more bacteria than the toilet hoop, so be wash it thoroughly whenever you use it.

Dining room
Bags, phones and car keys are the best carriers of germs. Most often “land” on the table or come in contact with napkins or cleaning towels. Weekly Clean furniture using disinfectants, as you should do with your car keys and mobile phone, daily. Wash the floor with disinfectants every three days.

The tub leakage is the dirtiest place in the house. Even hoop toilet is cleaner than it. The tiles easily store microscopic bacteria colonies that are responsible of allergies, respiratory problems and decreased immunity. Ventilate and disinfect frequently and unclog the drain every 2 weeks.

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How to avoid germs from spreading