Autumn cleaning tips and tricks


In general most people do a detailed cleaning during spring time, around March. The house is refreshed for the year which has just begun, but a thorough cleaning should be done at least twice a year and fall is the perfect season for the second cleaning.

The products used for cleaning are each one’s option, but the ideal is to use fewer chemicals.

Autumn cleaning means perfectly clean windows. Wash the window on a cloudy day so the product will not be sun-dried before you clean it. Cloudy days are ideal because you can see all the best spots on the glass. It would be better to use microfiber cloth for this operation, they are ideal to remove all the stains, lint-free, and the windows are spotless.

The kitchen must be entirely cleaned. Check whether you have outdated food (canned food, flour, rice, etc.) that you need to throw. After cleaning cabinets, you can easily reorganize the food. Dishes, pots and all kitchen tools must be washed each, dried and put in their place. All kitchen surfaces should be cleaned carefully and thoroughly because they can harbor bacteria. For less dirty surfaces use the soft parts of a sponge and for stubborn stains do not be afraid to use the abrasive side, but take care not to damage the sensitive surfaces. There are a lot of products on the market that can help you remove stains of any kind.

Don’t forget about the pantry. Certainly there are a lot of things that can be thrown, especially because you are preparing pickles for the winter and you need to make room. The pantry must be completely emptied and cleaned and you should throw everything extra.

Another area requiring attention is the bathroom. Fumes in combination with dirt can make a fairly unpleasant bathroom clean. The most dangerous bacteria can accumulate in the shower or tub, therefore they must be cleaned well. After cleaning comes the disinfection part.

The floor bathroom should be cleaned thoroughly, for example the most inaccessible corners of the tiles. Pay attention of what sort of cleaning product you use, because you should consider the material: ceramic, cement or marble.

Autumn is a good time to review your clothes. Get rid of those you no longer wear. You can already make the transition from summer to autumn and winter clothing. The clothes you want to wear next year, after you wash and dry, wrap them in vacuum bags and store them in plastic crates.

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Autumn cleaning tips and tricks



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