Antique Mirror: Mirror Spray and Crackle Paint

Many people place their Antique Mirror over their bed for many reasons and some people use it for haunted parties.  The reason could be anything, but one special product and several other standard household products can allow you to make your old antique mirror using a crackle-paint frame.

To make these unique antique DIY products you need:

  • Glass mirror with Krylon look, just like spray
  • Glass picture frame
  • Spray Bottle
  • White Vinegar
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paper Towels
  • Brushes, palette, water, etc.
  • White Glue

Find an antique mirror that you want to experiment on your DIY projects. You can get them in thrift stores and get a big antique mirror with an elevated bald eagle. Make sure to find the real glass and wooden frame antique mirror and now make it into four significant components like, backing, glass, hanging hardware, and frame.

The Glass:

Take the glass and clean the entire glass on both sides thoroughly.  As you know that the mirror spray is very delicate so it should be protected by the glass. Many people also use normal glass cleaner and coffee filter that are free from lint and easy-to-clean.

If you wanted just a mirror, then all that you need to do is spray continuously.  However, the trick integrates using the ability of the vinegar to inhabit the paint from the drying properly. Take a spray bottle and mix water and vinegar equally and shake and fog the mirror.  Now, spray the first layer of the mirror on top of this mist. After putting a thin layer of the mirror, again, spray it with vinegar. Once it dries, start smudging up the vinegar drops from over and under the mirror using a paper towel. You can either blot directly or use a little twist to tear the texture more.

After blotting, let it rest for few minutes and again repeat the vinegar pattern and mirror spray like you did before. Now, spray a thing coats of mirror spray, you should know that the effect that you are expecting will not come in just one pass. You must repeat the process at least four to five times.  After lots of spraying, blotting, and vinegar, you get a glass piece with outstanding mirror finish.

Behold our glamorous ceiling:

As a brief aside, you can just barely see the Post-It note from before on there. Later in the process, I removed that note, took some pictures, etc. Noticing the glass seemed really smudgy still, I sprayed some glass cleaner on a paper towel and wiped off the silver backing. Both sides of the mirror finish are highly reflective, so maybe put an X of masking tape across the “front” of your mirror for the entire process and remove it at the end. That way you can save yourself a nightmare of trying to blend more mirrors onto your potentially ruined project. I salvaged the mirror at the expense of the rest of the mirror spray can.

Now, after few coats, you can notice the glass that really looks smudgy, but you can still spray some glass cleaner on a paper and clean off the silver backing. Now, you can see both the sides of the mirror finish is completely reflective, so put an X-mark tape on the front side of the mirror for the whole process and take out at the end. This can help you avoid making the possibly ruined project.

If you do not make any mistakes, then you can cover two simple projects with one bottle of the mirror. The mirror spray is very costly and you get only 6-ounce. Make sure to place the mirror safely into the frame because the glass can break easily and the spray paint is very liable to scratching.

The Backing:

Use black paint spray for the original image that way, you don’t see any stray image peering through. You can as well use black acrylic.

The Frame:

You need a bit of TLC for the frame to make it look old, but you can as well use homemade solutions for crackle paint.  Some people prefer white glue for a crackling layer.  However, the major step is color below that you want the cracks to be shown clearly.  We generally prefer Charcoal gray as they make it look more real than just black.

Let this dry completely before the next part.

Now, wait till the paint dries completely before going to the next step. Now, coat the entire frame with glue.  You can directly apply it on the frame or pour it on a palette.  But, you must make sure that the entire frame was dry before applying the glue otherwise it can be a disaster.

After applying the glue, brush the entire surface with a damp brush, but remember not wet brush.  You have to place the glue thicknesses differently so that the crack pattern will differ after it dries up.  So, don’t go just simple and even as it does not look natural.  You should know that thicker glue make bigger cracks whereas thinner glue makes finer cracks.  Now, paint the top color on the tacky glue and try to apply the paint evenly and carefully without beating up the glue too much using the brush. You just need to paint a layer on top of the tacky white glue layer.

It starts cracking immediately so put your frame at someplace to dry completely. The process of cracking will continue, so you don’t keep checking it frequently.

The Assembly:

Now take your mirror and place the glass side out and press it with the black backing.  Now, compress both the coatings into the frame together and connect back the frame. Some people use a pneumatic stapler also to press the layers, and some uses framing tack pints. You can as well use tape and tape all four sides of the frame securely.  If you have attached hanging hardware to the frame, then you don’t need to worry about the tape taking the entire weight of the mirror.

However, when it comes to weight, this mirror is lighter compared to any other mirror of the same size.  Also, the insignificant defects in the frame with glass texture make it look like an antique mirror.

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