Antelope Canyon , USA


West, of course, is the appeal of the legend, but the shock encounter with outsized nature! Browsing northern Arizona during a trip to the USA, do not miss the magnificent Antelope Canyon, literally canyon antelope. In the heart of the reservation of the Navajo Nation, not far from Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon is one of the most famous and most visited gorges of the western United States! It owes its discovery in 1931 of a young Navajo Indian who ventured there in seeking his sheep astray. Consists of two separate gorges, the Antelope Canyon is called “the place where water runs through rocks” by the Navajo Indians.
Antelope Canyon , USA
The vast Navajo Nation is full of magical places, but the most photogenic are probably Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon, just a few miles from Page, Arizona. They show the power of water and time. Over the years, flash floods have dug deep and beautiful passages, called slot canyons that you can cross.

The name of this canyon comes from a time when the antelope roamed freely in the canyons, but the only living beings that you will come across today are the humans. The Upper Antelope Canyon, also called Corkscrew, extends over 180 m long and is the most popular of the two canyons. The walls can reach 36 m and are easily accessible; exploration of Lower Antelope, or The Crack, 800 m long, requires up and down metal stairs. Visitors are more likely to see the sun at Upper Antelope, very popular for photographers. (You should know that the visit is limited to two hours.)

It is no surprise that you will learn that both canyons have long been considered by the Navajo spiritual places. The tour is only possible with a guide, especially because in case of rain on the site, water canyons can invade and cause flooding; you’ll find guides on page.

While you’re in the area, take the opportunity to admire the Rainbow Bridge, an incredible rock bridge 84 m high on Lake Powell, an artificial lake. This site is also sacred to the Navajos.


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