Find what kind of driver you are by the way you keep your hands on the wheel

The driver character can be told by the way he/she keeps his/her hands on the wheel. Thus, drivers can be classified in eight types. Check test below and say if you agree or disagree with the classification made by psychologists.
1. The driver is a disciplined person, cool and confident. Quite quiet and does not like to talk while driving. Will take you to your destination, but you have to have fun alone on the road.

2. The driver is not overconfident and always thinks of possible hazards. It would be better not to bother with discussions or advice especially while driving – it will not end well.

3. The driver knows which your destination is. It is cheerful and friendly. Manages easy and unforced, is not against discussing with passengers, but is permanently watching the way. The road to such a driver will be cheerful, fast and safe.

5. The way of driving is a feature for the pessimistic ones. On the road he does not need interlocutors, only listeners – to mourn the fate he has.

6. It is a position characteristic to self-confident and experienced drivers. They do not like to take risks, but neither provides. Can discuss when the road is clean, but reacts immediately when something unexpected appears.

7. The driver is a dreamer, which it is hard to find for a long time in the same situation. Along the way he will talk a lot, sometimes will gesticulates and turn in the interlocutor’s direction. A bit risky…

8. Nervous and slightly irritating. Such drivers are real pains for passengers. They always considered themselves superior to other drivers and may even stop yelling at those “guilty”.

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