Home Made Aloe Vera Skin Care Recipes and Tips

Experts and doctors often say that aloe vera is a very healthy product which is good for skin. Using Aloe vera gives a calming effect and at the same time also protects the skin from the sunlight and gives the shining effect. If you read ingredients list in skin care products, most of them have aloe vera as an ingredient. Regrettably, these products may be costly and it may have lots of chemicals included, which may be harmful to our skin.

As Aloe vera is an easily available plant, we can make our own safe beauty products without adding any chemicals that will invariably harm our skin.

Process 1:
– Take one teaspoon of top grade virgin olive oil and the gel from one big aloe vera leaf/ sheet. It is always better to go for fresh aloe vera sheet rather than going for the gel from shop. However, if you cannot get fresh ones you can use the gel as well. Make sure there are no chemicals added to the gel as it will beat the purpose.
– Blend these 2 things till they get mixed very well and you can start using them immediately every day after bath.
– It will definitely give a smooth and shiny skin.

Process 2:
Ingredient Is Needed
– half a cup of cleansed water
– 3 drops of rose oil
– 3 drops of rosemary oil
– 3 drops of chamomile essential oil
– 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel
– 1/8 cup of witch hazel

Making Process:
– Take the entire quantity of rose oil and cleanse water and mix well. After it blends well makes the rest of the ingredients mentioned completely and blend it.
– The essential oil used is mandatory and you can find them in drug shops or health food shops. Alternately, you can even buy them in online stores.
– Pour this into a spray bottle and you can start using it on your skin.
– However, it is advisable to do a test before you start applying it on your face.

Benefits of Using Home-Made Aloe Vera Face Gel or Spray
– Aloe vera provides the required nourishment to the skin and also moisturizes it well.
– It gives shiny effect to the skin and helps in removing the red spots after continuous use.
– As it is home-made, there are no chemicals added to it which will create damages to the skin.
– Using it over a period of time, you will see the difference of having a soft and smooth skin.
– If you make the spray, as you’re adding fragrances to it, it will also smell good and make you feel fresh.

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home Made Aloe Vera Skin care Recipes