All about office cleaning

Office cleanliness is important for productivity, creates a pleasant working environment and helps to create a positive image of a company. The first impression that a customer has when enters in a company is about the cleanliness that affect the image and ambiance.

One way that you can ensure the cleanliness of the offices is contracting a company specialized in office cleaning. Depending on your needs, such a contract can save you from hiring dedicated staff for cleaning and other expenses that requires an employee.

Cleanliness is an important factor for employees of institutions. They will feel more comfortable in a healthy and clean environment. It is a proven by facts that an orderly and clean environment increases employees’ efficiency. Depending on your needs, cleaning companies provide different packages of services, such as general cleaning or cleaning after an event that has been hosted by your company. As home, the office should be kept clean and well maintained both by specialized personnel and employees.

Carpets should be vacuumed daily and floors cleaned every day. Desks and tables must be dust daily and every employee should maintain cleaned his office. Computer keyboards should be cleaned regularly, because favors bacterial growth. Cleaning and vacuuming the units computers, is the responsibility of the IT department’ employees, it should be performed at least once in 10 days. Air conditioners filters should be washed and disinfected at least once a month. We all know that bacterial cultures from those filters can generate waves of illness among employees.

Toilets require special attention. Everything must be perfectly clean, ceramic tiles, sinks, toilets or urinals. No toilet bowl should have lime scale. They must be washed and disinfected at least twice daily, morning and evening. Take care with the soap and toilet paper.  When it comes to electric hand dryers, opinions are divided. Some claim that dryers are a good place for the development and spread of bacteria. However, use paper towels.

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All about office cleaning