Advice from Osho for Zodiac Signs

Osho is considered one of the greatest wise man of our time. Women always know how to find something new about themselves and their future. See what you should learn from him depending on the zodiac sign.

You are passing through several tough experiences that are trying to make you more powerful and wiser. In life, you should take the things as they are, and you will find an explanation for everything. Your advice from Osho: “I don’t want you to worship Buddha. I want you to be Buddha”.

In life, you are looking for love, above all. You need to understand that the love you’re looking for is in your heart. If you will stop expecting something from others you will manage to be happy. “Love is not possessive. Love means freedom. Love is an unconditional gift, but not a burden” are Osho’s words you will have to always remember.

You’re always at extremes, that’s why life will take you from side to side until you learn from these unpleasant experiences and will manage to reach a balance. “The life repeats itself meaningless. Unless you become wise, it will repeat endlessly, like a wheel” is the lesson Osho recommends you to learn.

You do everything it takes to get where you want, but it is very important to be patient and not give up at the first obstacle. Don’t be afraid to fall in love! As long as you have an open heart, you can’t fail. Osho wants you to remember that “when you love someone, all fears disappear. And when you’re afraid, all the love disappears”.

You’re practical, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your heart problems. The moment you will look within yourself, you will find the essence of life and be happy. “In your silence, when there are no words, there is no language, when no one is present, you get in touch with the existence” is Osho’s advice for you.

Your ideas about perfection only cause you pain. The more you will hold on these ideals, the harder it will be for you. “You will get near to perfection, but you will never be perfect. Perfection is not the path to existence. Development is” – are the words Osho doesn’t want you to ever forget.

It is very difficult for you to make a decision. You have many ideas and don’t really manage to stick with one. Osho believes that: “if it is difficult for you to make a choice, choose the lesser of two evils”.

You need a lot of patience to receive the gifts of life. It is important to stop behaving like an ice queen and prove that you’re a human being. “Love yourself and you’ll be able to love others as well”, said Osho.

You will encounter many obstacles in life, but these tests will make you stronger. Each obstacle is, actually, a gift. “True spirituality is the greatest rebellion. It’s risky, adventurous, dangerous” – are the words Osho wants you to know.

You are always looking for truth, even if people think that ambitions are leading you through life. However, Osho says that “truth is not something from outside waiting to be discovered, but something from inside that needs to be understood”.

You are an idealist and often taken by the melancholy waves. Don’t forget to enjoy your life, or else you risk to skip wonderful experiences. “How to find happiness? Give up ambitions. Ambitions are the obstacle”, said Osho.

Try to understand that you have no right to force someone to do or believe in something. Everybody has its own way of life, you have to find your own. “If you’re not able to be alone, your relationships are false. It’s just a trick to avoid loneliness, nothing else”, is Osho’s advice.

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Advice from Osho for Zodiac Signs