Add this common spice in your bath water and you get rid of rheumatic pains

Mustard is used as a spice in cooking, because of the intense taste and aroma, but some people have discovered over time its therapeutic properties. It is found in three forms – white, black and brown, the latter being less used for therapeutic purposes. In phytotherapy its crushed seeds are used in the form of poultice, whole or internally.

Experts say the ideal is white mustard, because is lighter and do not cause irritation, but other varieties can be equally used in treating various diseases.

Soothe the pain
If you suffer from rheumatism or arthritis and sore feet or hands, you can try soothe the pain with a mustard bath. For this you need mustard in grain form, which you will bathe in a cup of warm water. The mixture is poured into the bath water, not too hot or too cold. The procedure is simple: the affected hand or foot are soaked and held for maximum ten minutes. After the time ends thoroughly rinse with warm water, preferably under a running shower. Treatment is indicated for local disease, which causes pain. Can be used for bathrooms and bags with 100-200 g mustard seeds, preferably black.

Flour compresses restore joint mobility
Joint pains don’t have age. They can affect both children and adults, especially the elderly, which, in addition to other causes related to overuse of limbs, add and cartilage damage caused by aging. Therefore, if you experience such problems that make difficult even the simplest activity, we recommend mustard flour compresses. 50 g water is combined until you obtain a creamy consistency, which is applied to the painful area. The process is useful both in sore muscles, joints and tendons, as well as viral respiratory or lung disease. The only problem can be that irritates the skin, and therefore it is better not to apply the compress on the skin, but on a film of cream or a cloth.

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Add this common spice in your bath water and you get rid of rheumatic pains